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Utrominator vs Leonardo

Suggested by Sonic The Utrominator is a force to be reckoned with. His skills would put him roughly on par with any one of the turtles for a brief period of time. Ultimately Leonardo’s skills are superior though and he also has mystical abilities that would give him the decisive edge in combat. Utrominator simply won’t be able to keep up with him and will very quickly stay down for the count. Leonardo wins.

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The BioLizard vs Utrominator

Suggested by Destroyer The Utrominator has some good attack options up his sleeve. That being said, they all pale in comparison to The BioLizard’s. Utrominator’s attacks likely wouldn’t even leave a dent while taking a single hit from this SA2B Final Boss could be the end. It’s really just a difference in physical ability here that makes the matchup impossible from the start. There just isn’t anything that the Utrominator can do to really have a shot at winning. The BioLizard wins.

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Utrominator vs Lazerman

Utrominator has some pretty intense weapons, but they won’t be able to take down Lazerman. Lazerman has his legendary Disruption beam! With it he could break the Utrominator in one shot! The Utrominator takes a loss with this match and drops down the ranks, but at least he was able to fight again. Lazerman wins.