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Guyver vs Zack Taylor

Suggested by Anonymous Zack Taylor is one of the legendary Power Rangers so you can probably guess that the guy is pretty tough. Still, he isn’t quite a match for Guyver. Guyver has some pretty intense offensive capabilities at his disposal as well as speed. Zack won’t be able to land very many hits and his durability simply isn’t high enough. The difference in power here is too great. Guyver wins.

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Zack Taylor vs Donatello

Donatello has his trusty staff, which should keep Zack at bay. Unfortunately, the same cant be said for his Zord. This two pronged attack should bring Zack a critical victory. Three turtles down…one to go. Zack is definitely on a roll with these last blog matches. Donatello is going to have to hope that his next opponent is a little weaker. Zack Taylor wins.

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Zack Taylor vs Bass

Zack Taylor may be doing well against the Turtles, but he doesn’t stand a chance against Bass. Bass has a good amount of super speed at his disposal and his raw power is enough to take out the entire planet. Zack Taylor just won’t be able to deal with all of this and I don’t believe that he could deal any damage to Bass. Bass wins.

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Zack Taylor vs Leonardo

Zack is back and now it is time to face off against Leonardo. Leonardo is a fierce leader and his excellent sword skills will be a threat for Zack. I believe that his Zord should be enough to overwhelm Leonardo but it would be tough. Leonardo may be on a losing streak, but he may return! Zack Taylor wins.

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Zack Taylor vs Raphael

Zack Taylor makes his debut on the blog with this round and it’s time for him to finish off what Jason started. Raphael won’t be able to overcome Taylor’s hand to hand expertise and Zack also has a Zord at the ready if the worst comes to worst. Zack starts off his blog career with a solid victory and he’ll definitely be back. Zack Taylor wins.