Rodan vs Pokey

rodan (1)
Pokeys are as resilient as they are resourceful. That being said…I don’t really think that they will be able to pull out a win here. Rodan is a lot larger than any Pokey and he can even fire off a few energy blasts if needed. Rodan has now gotten 2 wins in one day so it’s safe to say that he’s moving up the blog ranks. Rodan wins.

2 thoughts on “Rodan vs Pokey

  1. I couldn’t help but notice that this fight was created around the same time as Jeff and Ness fights. Was this supposed to be the Pokey from Earthbound? It seems that way.

    • In this case it was just a coincidence as to the timing. A lot of Smash matches have been occurring on the blog alongside the Kaiju ones, but that day wasn’t an anniversary as far as I can remember. After seeing Pokey in SSBB, I don’t think I would ever make that mistake!

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