Zouken vs Lan

Zouken is back, but now he’s going to lose to one of the world’s greatest Netbattlers! Lan Hikari is the proud owner of Megaman and he also has the ability to Crossfuse. This really puts the pressure on Zouken since the old man will really have a tough time here. He definitely can’t keep up with Lan and one good sword strike will end things. Lan wins.

2 thoughts on “Zouken vs Lan

  1. Just gonna comment zouken not only moves at mach speeds but can only be killed by things that hurt spirits. While the cross fusion is nice zouken also has powerfull magic on his side aswell as his virtual immortality.

    • I had a feeling that Fate/Zero didn’t show all of his powers. That being said, he’s still no match for Lan. Lan’s speed (Thanks to Megaman) is up there in the top 3 all time. No character can really hope to beat him in that kind of fight and his attacks will deal lethal damage.

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