Shunpei Closer vs Tsuna

Both Shunpei and Tsuna both learned what it meant to harness their inner courage and to fight for what was right. Tsuna just focused more on offense while Shunpei is a more defensive minded fighter. I don’t think Shunpei’s barriers could stop the X burner for long and he would quickly be overwhelmed at that point. The speed difference is also too massive. Tsuna wins.

Shunpei Closer vs Bugbear

Shunpei may not know a great deal of attack spells but he can project barriers far out and stop incoming attacks. Bugbear’s not doing anything to those kind of defenses. Bugbear is a classic kind of villain who can run and slash at you but he’s not very fast nor is the power intimidating. Shunpei’s blocked stronger attacks in his day and has Hyde at the ready. Bugbear’s not ready for this level of opponent. Shunpei Closer wins.