Ichigo vs Selene (Fairy Tail)

Selene is a very powerful dragon who could theoretically end the world through the use of her natural storms. She has vanquished even some of the most powerful sword fighters in her verse. Ichigo would be a different story though. He’s just way too quick to be caught by any of her attacks while his counters would be lethal. Ichigo wins.

Selene vs Selene (Fairy Tail)

This is a tribute to the first Underworld film. Selene may have done well in cracking the case but she loses a lot of points for taking L’s throughout the film and ultimately allowing herself to be knocked out. You wouldn’t catch that happening to the Moon Goddess known as Selene from Fairy Tail. This character is so powerful that she can shake the entire planet just by powering up. Moonlight can burn just as bright as the Sun and so Selene will quickly be vaporized. Selene (Fairy Tail) wins.