Diablo vs Selene

This is a tribute to Blood Wars. Unfortunately Selene was lacking in her overall combat abilities this time. Despite having a ton of power ups at the ready she was not able to vanquish her opponents. She could learn a thing or two from Diablo who always manages to take his opponents out. With his speed and strength, claiming victory would be a simple matter. Diablo wins.

Selene vs Bayonetta

This is a tribute to Underworld: Evolution. I wouldn’t say this was Selene’s best appearance. While she didn’t faint like in the first film, she spent a lot of this one on the defensive and still kept on losing a bunch of fights. Ultimately she would get a lot better but right here Bayonetta would easily be able to crush her. Bayo has enough power to take on celestial fighters after all. Bayonetta wins.

Lucian vs Selene

This is a tribute to Rise of the Lycans and Awakening. While Lucian got to take the center stage as a main character who seemed quite a bit more intense than his antagonist self, the guy still ended up holding a lot of Ls. Ultimately I wouldn’t say he looked quite good enough to claim victory and even at his absolute strongest he isn’t in Selene’s league. She is powerful enough to go up against hybrids now. Selene wins.

Selene vs Selene (Fairy Tail)

This is a tribute to the first Underworld film. Selene may have done well in cracking the case but she loses a lot of points for taking L’s throughout the film and ultimately allowing herself to be knocked out. You wouldn’t catch that happening to the Moon Goddess known as Selene from Fairy Tail. This character is so powerful that she can shake the entire planet just by powering up. Moonlight can burn just as bright as the Sun and so Selene will quickly be vaporized. Selene (Fairy Tail) wins.