Diablo vs Bass

Diablo is a powerful demon that can handle most of the fighters in his verse with ease. He has a great amount of speed, power, and defense at his disposal. This makes him a very well rounded fighter who doesn’t have an issue getting used to different battle styles. Still, he will meet his match here against Bass and will go down for the count. Diablo isn’t ready for this power. Bass wins.

Diablo vs Aspen Matthews

Aspen has some pretty good elemental attacks like her water but this won’t be enough to stop Diablo. Diablo’s raw speed would ensure that none of her attacks can possibly land on him. Additionally, it’s not as if elemental attacks would do a whole lot to him at her level of power. He claims victory in this round pretty quickly. Diablo wins.

Diablo vs Selene

This is a tribute to Blood Wars. Unfortunately Selene was lacking in her overall combat abilities this time. Despite having a ton of power ups at the ready she was not able to vanquish her opponents. She could learn a thing or two from Diablo who always manages to take his opponents out. With his speed and strength, claiming victory would be a simple matter. Diablo wins.