Terminator vs Apocalypse

Suggested by Sonic The Terminator is a powerful machine bent on destroying whoever its target is. You certainly don’t want to underestimate this monster. Doing so will put you in a bad spot, but Apocalypse has nothing to fear. His abilities are far greater than any Terminator’s. He would be able to win this match with the greatest of ease thanks in large part to his size changing abilities but it’s also helpful when you factor in his raw power and energy blasts. There’s just nothing the Terminator could hope to do to stop him. Apocalypse wins.

2 thoughts on “Terminator vs Apocalypse

  1. Salesman will keep their word more often than The Terminator(s) have chances to win against Apocalypse. Given how much of a threat to the X-Men he is, and his reality-altering abilities, he could give this Terminator what Cable has, or pull apart all the metal out of his body, given the pain that would cause.

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