Buizel vs Bit

Suggested by Anonymous Buizel is a pretty powerful Pokemon. He’s been shown to be able to dodge Pikachu’s quick attack and even physically overpower Lucario. Keep in mind that this is all before he evolves into Floatzel. Bit is a pretty tough robot to deal with, but we haven’t gotten to see him do anything too impressive. As it stands I think he will have a pretty hard time reacting to Buizel’s attacks. Buizel just has the advantage in his varied attacks and his stats are quite impressive. Buizel wins.

Bit vs Ryoma

Bit is a pretty tough robot with good offensive capabilities. He won’t be going down without a fight, but that just means that Ryoma will really get to go all out here. Ryoma has a large array of tennis moves at his disposal so he will keep on changing up the serves til he claims victory. Bit’s shield will shatter and he won’t be able to even get close to Ryoma. Ryoma wins.

Bit vs Zain

Suggested by Anonymous This is definitely a pretty close fight. Zain’s attacks deal more damage, but Bit does have a shield to protect himself from those kind of attacks and he also has speed on his side. I think that ultimately having both of these advantages on his side will end up being very beneficial. Bit should win this match more times than he loses. It’s definitely a match that really could change should either of these guys ever appear again. Bit wins.