Buizel vs Bit

Suggested by Anonymous Buizel is a pretty powerful Pokemon. He’s been shown to be able to dodge Pikachu’s quick attack and even physically overpower Lucario. Keep in mind that this is all before he evolves into Floatzel. Bit is a pretty tough robot to deal with, but we haven’t gotten to see him do anything too impressive. As it stands I think he will have a pretty hard time reacting to Buizel’s attacks. Buizel just has the advantage in his varied attacks and his stats are quite impressive. Buizel wins.

Buizel vs Bugaboom

Bugaboom may not look the strongest of enemies, but he definitely packs a punch! Of course he won’t be able to take down Buizel, but at least he’ll go down swinging. When you lose, you always want to go down while putting up a fight. Time for the long drop down the blog ranks! Buizel wins.

Ash vs Buizel

Buizel is a pretty good water pokemon who knows how to fight when the chips are down. Of course Ash has the numbers advantage with all of his pokemon. The fact that Ash has caught so many pokemon tells me that he’s a pretty good trainer! One well placed throw and Buizel could be down for the count. Ash wins.