Apollo (Wildstorm) vs Ryoma

Apollo has super strength, super speed, and some energy abilities. He’s basically got the perfect combo of abilities that you could ask for. It’s incredibly difficult to defeat someone like Apollo so Ryoma will have to pull out all of the stops here. He’s not afraid to put it all on the line though. His tennis attacks will quickly overwhelm Apollo. The guy’s defensive abilities aren’t enough to prevent him from taking damage so the shots are going to add up very quickly. After a point I just don’t think Apollo will be able to do much of anything against Ryoma. Ryoma wins.

Update 8 7 2020 Apollo is too fast to get hit here. Apollo (Wildstorm) wins.

Rugal Bernstein vs Apollo (Wildstorm)

Suggested by iKnowledge Apollo is sort of like Superman in many ways. His powers and abilities are quite similar and they are also at a high level. Even with Rugal’s “God Rugal” form I don’t believe he would be able to make up the difference here. Apollo is a little too powerful and a little too fast. When you mix in those two attributes then Rugal is really playing catch up. Perhaps he will catch Apollo at some point, but it is a long shot. Apollo (Wildstorm) wins.