Dudley Dursley vs Ryoma


Dudley Dursley may have turned over a new leaf by the end of Harry Potter, but that doesn’t mean that he is strong enough to handle someone like Ryoma. Ryoma’s tennis skills are out of this world. He would easily be able to put Dudley back in his place. Ryoma has more special abilities than Dudley has attack options, that’s insane! Ryoma wins.

Governor Breck vs Ryoma

Governor Breck is back once again and he’s up against the greatest tennis player of all time! Ryoma never misses his shots and he’s always willing to take the win when necessary. His racket is fast enough to block Governor Breck’s hits and one power serve from Ryoma will be the end of Governor Breck. Ryoma is just too cool to lose! Ryoma wins.

Master Roshi vs Ryoma

Master Roshi may have the Kamehameha wave, but Ryoma would simply knock it back at him with his tennis racket. Ryoma would then speedblitz him with his incredible speed and put an end to the match with a solid punch. Master Roshi would be on the defensive for the majority of the match and he would be rendered helpless. Ryoma wins.

Update 8 7 2020 Roshi is still a DBZ fighter even if he is one of the weaker ones. He won’t be able to claim victory here. Master Roshi wins.

Hange vs Ryoma

Hange is back and she’s up against a real character by the name of Ryoma! Ryoma isn’t just any ole tennis player….he’s the greatest player to ever experience the sport! Ryoma can take down just about any opponent with a single tennis swing. He just won’t be losing to Hange. This likely won’t be her last loss, but at least we get to see Ryoma take another victory. Ryoma wins.

Indiana Jones vs Ryoma

Ryoma is a really good tennis player and one good shot should be able to end things. Ryoma is easily one of the strongest characters out there and he wont lose. Indiana Jones may have some experience dealing with dangerous situations, but that won’t be enough to deter someone like Ryoma. Ryoma has beaten much stronger opponents in the past. Ryoma wins.

Rossiu vs Ryoma

Rossiu is back once again. Things haven’t been going his way and I may as well say that things won’t go his way anytime soon. Rossiu has a gun and he can use it, but Ryoma will easily deflect all of the bullets and then knock him out with a Power Swing. Rossiu takes a tough loss with this round. Ryoma wins.

Takun vs Ryoma

Ryoma may just look like your average tennis player, but he is actually very talented and should not be taken lightly. Takun may think that he is a tough fighter, but a quick slam from Ryoma should change his mind very quickly. Ryoma is one of the cooler characters in the world of media and he’s always ready to win. Ryoma wins.

King Kong vs Ryoma

Ryoma is a tennis master and King Kong won’t be able to stand up to him. King Kong just needs one good punch to end things once and for all….or so you would think. I’m confident that Ryoma could just block his punch with his racket or effortlessly dodge the attack with his Perfect Mode. Either way King Kong loses. Ryoma wins.

Graboid vs Ryoma

Ryoma is an expert tennis player and no monster is going to keep him down for the count! Graboids can be dangerous in packs and are also too much for the average human. It’s a good thing that Ryoma is far superior to a mere mortal and his tennis skills will be all that he needs to win this round. The Graboid drops down the ranks with this loss. Ryoma wins.

Ryoga Echizen vs Ryoma

Ryoga Echizen is a tennis player of immense power. His tennis skills are powerful and he knows how to fight with the best of them. Ryoga Echizen loses his first match, but at least he tried. Ryoma never loses a fight and he rises up the ranks again. It seems that nobody can hope to beat him! Ryoma wins.