Gaston vs Ryoma
Gaston is a tough guy who isn’t above using cheap shots to secure his victory. That may work in the little leagues, but not when up against a true fighter like Ryoma. Ryoma is a lot more skilled at tennis than Gaston is at fighting. Ryoma could probably take him down with a clean serve. Gaston wouldn’t be able to react to that level of speed, nor could he survive a hit like that. Ryoma wins.

Richard Sharpe vs Gaston
Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for a battle of tough guys who both know how to fire a gun pretty accurately. Richard Sharpe has a lot of durability as he has survived injuries that would have destroyed most. He’s had part of his skull crushed and been stabbed many times, but he never gives up. On the other hand Gaston has some mild super strength and he is a very talented hunter. I don’t think Richard would be able to win here as he might endure the pounding for a little while, but he just isn’t strong enough to counter attack. Gaston wins.