Master Roshi vs Ryoma

Master Roshi may have the Kamehameha wave, but Ryoma would simply knock it back at him with his tennis racket. Ryoma would then speedblitz him with his incredible speed and put an end to the match with a solid punch. Master Roshi would be on the defensive for the majority of the match and he would be rendered helpless. Ryoma wins.

Update 8 7 2020 Roshi is still a DBZ fighter even if he is one of the weaker ones. He won’t be able to claim victory here. Master Roshi wins.

2 thoughts on “Master Roshi vs Ryoma

  1. I’m curious to know something because I don’t know much about Ryoma. Can he blow up the moon? Can he move at a speed where he becomes invincible to the human eye? Just curious to know.


    • He can likely do all of that. Becoming invisible to the human eye is almost a given, but I forgot his last speed feat. I’m confident that he could blow up the moon with a solid tennis attack. Unfortunately, he doesn’t typically do these things since he’s having fun playing tennis

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