Alan Blackman vs Yuno

Alan Blackman has power over sound vibrations. It would make for an interesting matchup against Yuno’s wind. Yuno could certainly generate powerful winds so that the sound could not reach him but could Alan generate a solid sound blast that would break the tornadoes? Well, I would give the edge to Yuno there but he doesn’t need to wait on a power struggle since he could very easily fly rings around Alan. That would give him an absolute edge in this battle and Alan has no ways of countering such an attack. Yuno wins.

Alan Blackman vs Jed Walker

Alan is one of those guys who isn’t eager to fight but he can do so as needed. Jed may be a genius but he doesn’t have the physical abilities needed to take on someone who has mastered sound. Alan can make his sound work in such an offensive manner that it can shatter monsters. There’s no way Jed can get out of earshot so one hit will take him out here. Jed would need a big sci-fi boost to have any kind of chance here. Alan Blackman wins.