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Bouldergeist vs Cragalanche

Suggested by Destroyer Both of these guys are big rock monsters from Nintendo, but the difference in their abilities is considerable. It’s hard to picture Bouldergeist dealing any real damage here. Cragalanche is effectively the same monster only many times stronger. A single punch would possible take the Boulder down for the count. Part of the reason why their stats are so different is because Bouldergeist is from the more grounded Mario Galaxy while Cragalanche debuted in the Kid Icarus Uprising game where everyone got pretty high tier very quickly. Cragalanche wins.

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Cragalanche vs Bulbasaur

Cragalanche is back and he’s up against good ole Bulbasaur! Bulbasaur has his vine whip attack and he’s pretty quick! Taking him down is a lot tougher than it looks. Cragalanche has a lot more raw power, but power doesn’t always win you the battle. Speed and variety help as well. Bulbasaur wins.