Bane vs Ra’s Al Ghul

Bane is a powerful guy and typically he would be stronger than Ra’s Al Ghul. The reason why this isn’t the case in composite is that Ra’s once managed to gain some of Superman’s strength and speed back in the Superman Animated Series. That put him above Bane in power and a few good hits would be enough to finish off the villain. With this round, Ra’s has now gained his first win and ascends past hundreds of fighters who were ahead of him. Ra’s Al Ghul wins.

Superman vs Ra’s Al Ghul

Superman is the Man of Steel, but in the end that won’t be enough to take down Ra’s Al Ghul…or will it!? Superman’s a lot faster than Ra’s Al Ghul and he’s also a lot stronger. Superman’s fought much more skilled opponents in the past. They just couldn’t take him down in the end. Superman wins.

Ra’s Al Ghul vs Batman

Ra’s Al Ghul makes his blog debut, but he’s doomed. He doesn’t have nearly enough power to take down Batman. Batman is the Dark Knight and his skills are definitely impressive to say the least. Ra’s Al Ghul just isn’t a match for Batman. Batman has fought guys like Superman. Ra’s Al Ghul could never do that. Ra’s Al Ghul may have taught Batman some of what he knows, but it’s not enough. Batman wins.