Big Daddy (Alpha) vs Rosie (Bioshock)

Big Daddy (Alpha) can fire elemental bursts and he’s got a gun at the ready. Rosie has her grenades and a pretty powerful gun as well, but it just won’t be enough. Big Daddy (Alpha) has the edge with his elemental attacks and while he isn’t very quick, that should be enough to win this round. Maybe he’ll be back soon! Big Daddy (Alpha) wins.

Big Daddy (Alpha) vs Bane

Bane is pretty good when it comes to a hand to hand fight, but will he be able to take on someone as tricky as Big Daddy? Big Daddy (Alpha) can use his elemental abilities to deal some pretty serious damage to Bane, but he does get stunned after he uses his attacks. Bane has shown that he can resist thunder abilities so as long as he can endure the blast, he’ll be okay. Once things turn into a close range fight, it’s over for Big Daddy. Bane wins.