Cia vs Scorpion King

I’m sure that we all remember the Scorpion King right? He was a pretty impressive fighter who really came out of nowhere in the Mummy films. I was pretty glad to see that we had another villain around, but it’s too bad that the Mummy couldn’t fight him. Either way, The Scorpion King won’t be able to defeat Cia. Her magical abilities could easily crush him and she’s a great close combat fighter as well. Cia wins.

Cia vs Indiana Jones

Cia concludes her current triple match gauntlet with this round against Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones is pretty good at dodging lethal traps, but that doesn’t mean that he can really hope to challenge Cia. She’s in a different league when it comes to experience and actual power. Her speed is also a lot greater than any quickness that Indiana Jones may have had in his prime. Cia wins.

Cia vs Peter Griffin

Due to popular demand, Cia is back to fight on the blog once again! Peter Griffin may be a guy whose confidence never wavers through thick and thin, but his fighting abilities are not enough to him to take on Cia. Cia is just at a different level thanks to her magical abilities and one good blast would easily crush Mr. Griffin. Her ascent through the blog ranks is not done yet! Cia wins.

Cia vs One Above All

The One Above All is back for one final battle of the day. His skills are pretty impressive to be sure, but I am guessing that we all know who is going to win this fight. The One Above All may be powerful, but he has no good speed feats at the moment or any attack feats either. This doesnt bode well for him and he shall have to accept a loss here. Cia wins.

Cia vs Bass

Bass returns once again to bring another 1-0 fighter back down to reality. Cia’s dark magic is very useful and it can take down some powerful opponents, but it still won’t be enough to stop Bass. Bass is all but invincible and he’s far too quick for her to land a single blow against him. Bass can even activate the Hubstyle technique if he needs too. Bass wins.

Cia vs Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk is a pretty intense commander, but he’s really out of his league when it comes to a magic fight. Cia is one of the strongest villains that we’ve seen in the Zelda verse and she can definitely hold her own against a whole fleet. One good blast is all that she would need to take Captain Kirk down for the count. Cia wins.