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Gigan vs Peter Griffin

Suggested by Destroyer Peter Griffin is definitely a very well known character. He’s given audiences around the world a lot of laughs and has helped to make the world a better place. That being said, he is definitely not a fighter and really won’t be able to stand up to Gigan’s assault for very long. A quick energy blast will end this fight and Peter just doesn’t have much of a real defense against such a technique. The only thing he can really do here is try to lose with dignity. Gigan wins.

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Michelangelo (1970’s) vs Peter Griffin

Michelangelo has definitely fared the worst from all of the TMNT characters. He definitely does tend to lose his composure in the middle of a fight as his thoughts drift towards pizza. Still, he is more than a match for someone like Peter Griffin. Griffin was never even close to being a decent character and at the very least Michelangelo has some combat skills. I can’t say the same for Peter. Michelangelo (1970’s) wins.

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Cia vs Peter Griffin

Due to popular demand, Cia is back to fight on the blog once again! Peter Griffin may be a guy whose confidence never wavers through thick and thin, but his fighting abilities are not enough to him to take on Cia. Cia is just at a different level thanks to her magical abilities and one good blast would easily crush Mr. Griffin. Her ascent through the blog ranks is not done yet! Cia wins.

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Black Widow vs Peter Griffin

Black Widow is back and now she’s up against Peter Griffin! Peter Griffin is pretty iconic at this point and it’s always a blast to see him fall down the ranks. He simply doesn’t have what it takes to beat such an experienced agent and Black Widow would only need a gun to defeat him. She could also win in a hand to hand fight of course, but having a gun makes things a lot quicker. Black Widow wins.

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Stan Smith vs Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin is definitely not an athletic and he doesn’t have enough abilities to take Stan Smith down for the count. Stan Smith has his guns at the ready and he’s always ready for a fight. Peter is just out of his league in this round and I’m afraid that he’s going to have to take a loss. Stan will prove to be too much for him. Stan Smith wins.

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King Ghidorah vs Peter Griffin

King Ghidorah is ready to take his first win on the blog! This could be the first of many so his opponents better watch out! Peter Griffin may look tough at first glance, but he doesn’t have a shot of taking on someone as powerful as King Ghidorah! King Ghidorah rises up the ranks with this win. King Ghidorah wins.

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Peter Griffin vs Ben 10

Peter Griffin may be one of those guys who knows how to take a hit, but he won’t be able to beat Ben 10! Ben 10 has a lot of powerful abilities at his disposal and taking down someone like Peter Griffin should be pretty easy for him. Ben 10 rises up the ranks with this win. Ben 10 wins.

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Freddy Krueger vs Peter Griffin

Freddy Krueger is a pretty good fighter. From what I’ve heard of Peter Griffin he’s just a normal guy. Meaning that Freddy Krueger could take him out pretty fast. Freddy Krueger got some extra powers thanks to his Mortal Kombat form. Peter Griffin will be back one day. Freddy Krueger wins.

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Peter Griffin vs Gemini Saga

Peter Griffin makes his debut onto the blog with this match. He’s a pretty popular character and many people know about him. Of course with popularity doesn’t always come lots of power ups! So Gemini Saga still outranks Peter Griffin in the powers department since he’s a casual planet buster. Gemini Saga wins.