Water Horse vs Applejack

Suggested by Destroyer The Water Horse is a pretty big fighter so taking him down won’t be easy. That being said, it’s something that Applejack will be able to pull off here. Mainly this is due to her Equestria Girl abilities where she gained flight and super strength. Water Horse isn’t very mobile so he won’t be able to stand up to the barrage for long. Applejack will just be too quick and her punishing attacks will quickly take their toll on the creature. Applejack wins.

Donatello vs Water Horse

The Water Horse is in a bit of an awkward position because he is too small to be considered a Kaiju but too large to be considered a Giant Monster. As a result this creature doesn’t seem to have a lot of fans. It has a lot of raw power, but that won’t mean much against Donatello’s large arsenal of tech. He’s also a close combat master so that’s another feather in his cap. He can take his time and will win this match without too much effort. Donatello wins.

Twilight Sparkle vs Water Horse

Suggested by Destroyer Twilight Sparkle is quite possibly the strongest pony. She can fire giant energy blasts and has been shown to be more than capable of defending herself. The Water Horse wasn’t really able to take down a group of humans with guns. Sparkle could take down an entire army with her magical abilities. Twilight Sparkle wins.

Rainbow Dash vs Water Horse

Suggested by Destroyer Rainbow Dash is a pretty powerful Pony who can create powerful sonic booms with her speed. Water Horse is too slow to really counter these abilities and he is a big target. Rainbow Dash will have no problems dodging any counter attacks. I feel bad for the Water Horse, but he just isn’t ready to take down a pony just yet. Rainbow Dash wins.

Water Horse vs Pac Man

The Water Horse is a strong creature, but he’s simply outmatched against Pac Man. Pac Man is pretty good at eating anything that gets in his way and his super form has been known to take out multiple ghosts at once. The Water Horse simply isn’t fast enough to stop Pac Man and his defense isn’t good enough to withstand such an attack. Pac Man wins.

Phantom Blot vs Water Horse

The Phantom Blot is back and now he’s here to take on the Water Horse. The Water Horse is pretty large and water is the Phantom Blot’s weakness so this could get interesting. Both of these fighters have what it takes to challenge each other so this is a battle of wits. Luckily, Phantom Blot does have what it takes to win this round in the end due to his amped up mode where he becomes even bigger (Or around the same size) than the Water Horse. His attacks would eventually weaken Water Horse’s defenses. Phantom Blot wins.

King Ghidorah vs Water Horse

King Ghidorah is back and he’s up against the Water Horse! The Water Horse is someone that you don’t want to underestimate, but at the same time, you know that he can’t take down King Ghidorah. King Ghidorah has some pretty intense laser blasts and he knows how to win! King Ghidorah wins.

Lochness Monster vs Water Horse

Lochness Monster and The Water Horse are very similar characters. Due to a plot twist The Water Horse may be the real Lochness Monster. Sadly he can’t really fight. Neither can the other one, but he barely wins due to his charisma. Lochness Monster wins.