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Lochness Monster vs Water Horse

Lochness Monster and The Water Horse are very similar characters. Due to a plot twist The Water Horse may be the real Lochness Monster. Sadly he can’t really fight. Neither can the other one, but he barely wins due to his charisma. Lochness Monster wins.

10 thoughts on “Lochness Monster vs Water Horse”

  1. i think water horse is lochness monster,but water horse is he”s name.becase loch ness monster is same like water horse,and they dont has a difference.if my english is not goood i”m sorry.

    1. He was meant to be a tribute to him, or maybe even him. But since he got his own name, I deemed him worthy to be his own character. No problem with the english

  2. Basically Water horse was inspired from the loch Ness monster. There is a theory/myth that loch Ness monster is an plesiosaur, which got frozen during the ice age . After the ice age ended there was drastic change in environment and temperature of earth . This might be the cause of the sighting of loch Ness monster ( nessie).

    1. It’s been long debunked. A time gap of 66 million years and frequent tectonic changes alone would be difficult for plesiosaurs that somehow made it past the K/Pg extinction. Also, they would have multiple individuals to sustain a breeding population.

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