Snake Eyes vs Woody

This is a tribute to the Snake Eyes film. While he may not have looked as good as anticipated, I would say he still did well overall. Woody’s definitely not going to be able to take this guy on in a fair fight. Snake Eyes just has far too much speed and skill with a blade to be taken down. He has the advantage for sure. Snake Eyes wins.

Snake Eyes vs Cloud

Suggested by Destroyer Snake Eyes is a skilled ninja who prefers to operate in total silence. This really lets him concentrate on making sure that his hits are as precise as possible. Cloud has no need for such a tactic though and prefers to win with raw power. A single swing from his sword is enough to win the match if the hit connects. I can’t stress enough just how strong Cloud is. He is in a completely different league from most sword fighters and over time I’ve grown to accept that this is okay. Some fighters simply are that good and it’s why FFVII will always be legendary. Cloud wins.

Snake Eyes vs Venom

Suggested by Destroyer Snake Eyes is definitely a skilled ninja who is always around to save the rest of the GI Joe squad. Still, he will not be able to compete with Venom here as he is simply too powerful. Venom won’t even get hurt by the sword all that much and will be able to trap Snake Eyes in place if the ninja attempts such a tactic. Throw in his nearly unbreakable webbing and you have a very tough fight to make headway in. Venom wins.

Gemini Saga vs Snake Eyes

Gemini Saga is a pretty powerful opponent and he could easily take out the entire planet if he wished too. Snake Eyes is quick and his sword skills should be feared, but he won’t be able to win in the longrun. Gemini Saga has already fought over 100 times on the blog and he won 70+. Snake Eyes won’t be able to deal with that level of power. Gemini Saga wins.

Snake Eyes vs Deadpool

Snake Eyes has some pretty impressive speed and takes this round. Deadpool’s a tough fighter, but I’m not sure how he can hope to win this round. Ever since seeing Sigma 6, I’ve gained newfound respect for Snake Eyes and his abilities. Deadpool will be back someday. Snake Eyes wins.

Shadowdragon vs Snake Eyes

Before Sigma 6 this fight could have been a lot different. However, in that show Snake Eyes has showed his incredible speed and striking ability. He’s probably on par or better than Shadowdragon in that fighting style. Not to mention that he has energy guns that can do some massive damage! Snake Eyes wins.

Bass vs Snake Eyes

Bass is back and he’s back to pwn as per usual. Snake Eyes is a pretty tough swordsman and can move extremely fast. Of course it won’t be enough to take down Bass in this round. Bass has his Earthbreakers and extreme speed! Not many can live through a hit from Bass, he’s just too powerful! Bass wins.

Snake Eyes vs Storm Shadow

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow have been rivals for a long time, but the thing is…..Snake Eyes always wins! Storm Shadow always proves that he’s not as skilled as Snake Eyes. While their fights are always close the victor is never in doubt.

Storm Shadow will always be known as a skilled swordsman, but in Joeworld he will never be number 1. Snake Eyes takes that honor…and the match with him!Storm Shadow may be back, but will he win….Can he win! We’ll soon find out. Snake Eyes wins.

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Epic Swordfight time!