Dory vs Woody

This is a tribute to Toy Story 4. Woody may have ultimately flipped on his final decision last time but he did well to survive the gauntlet of horrors with everyone after his voice box. Dory probably wouldn’t have been able to have stayed cool under pressure like that and I think she would have eventually gone down. That’s why I have to put Woody above her in a fight. Woody wins.

Snake Eyes vs Woody

This is a tribute to the Snake Eyes film. While he may not have looked as good as anticipated, I would say he still did well overall. Woody’s definitely not going to be able to take this guy on in a fair fight. Snake Eyes just has far too much speed and skill with a blade to be taken down. He has the advantage for sure. Snake Eyes wins.

Hamm vs Woody

This is a tribute to Toy Story 3. Woody looked pretty good here and ultimately decided to choose loyalty above all else. He is a natural born leader and among the toys, it’s possible that he is one of the strongest ones. Either way he should be able to defeat Hamm here. Hamm talks a good game but he wasn’t exactly built for combat and doesn’t have Woody’s lasso skills. Woody wins.

Woody vs Nemo

This is a tribute to Toy Story 2. Woody returns for another adventure and he still looked pretty good here. When you compare him to the other toys he still holds up as being a tough competitor. In terms of strength Nemo is pretty close to Woody, but Woody has weapons and gadgets at his disposal. Yeah they’re toy weapons but at this size they aren’t a bad idea. Woody wins.

Woody vs Forky

This is a tribute to Toy Story. Woody has some pretty good techniques and while he may have been jealous of Buzz, he ultimately made the right call. Meanwhile Forky is one of those characters who I would say never quite made it all the way to being a cool character. He’s not as tough as Woody either. Woody wins.