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Silver Sonic vs Mecha Knuckles

Suggested by Sonic Mecha Knuckles is pretty powerful and the fact that he has missiles makes him pretty deadly. That being said, Silver Sonic’s speed is comparable to that of the real Sonic. That means he shouldn’t take any hits in this fight unless he wants to take some damage. Speed will always beat strength when both stats are roughly equal in their advantage. Mecha Knuckles simply needs more speed if he wants to have a shot here. Silver Sonic wins.

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The BioLizard vs Mecha Knuckles

Suggested by Destroyer The BioLizard is one of the strongest Sonic villains out there. He was originally meant to be the Ultimate Life Form until Shadow showed up and the scientists scrapped their plans. He’s not the kind of opponent that you want to underestimate. He has a large array of lasers and other powerful attacks that will send Knuckles packing. Mecha Knuckles is fairly sturdy, but there’s just no way he could handle this onslaught of attacks. The BioLizard wins.

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Mecha Knuckles vs Lazerman

Mecha Knuckles hasn’t fought in quite a while so it’s good to see him back on the blog. He’s going to be up against one of the most experienced members of the site so it’s quite the contrast. Lazerman has the overwhelming edge in speed and power so you should definitely not underestimate this guy. Lazerman’s disruption blast will knock the fight out of Mecha Knuckles and then he can speedblitz for the rest of the battle. Lazerman wins.