Dark Schneider vs Nine Tailed Fox

Demon_fox_attacking (1)
The Nine Tailed Fox is a monster of great power and he could easily decimate villages and cities with a single blast. Dark Schneider has some great powers at his disposal as well and in Majin form his strength is definitely considerable. The Nine Tailed Fox would be able to deal some impressive damage to Dark Schneider if his attacks hit, but Dark Schneider is fast enough to evade most of the blows. Dark Schneider wins.

8 thoughts on “Dark Schneider vs Nine Tailed Fox

  1. What I think would be a REALLY funny battle would be Naruto at the start of the series versus Luche, but your rules require that everyone has their strongest form, so I do not request that.
    Naruto get’s Ninetails power when he’s angry, and When Luche is asleep or knocked out, Dark Schneider can control him and use his magic.

    • Luche must definitely not be that tough if he’s comparable to Naruto at the very beginning. Still, that would definitely be an interesting battle as both characters have that key similarity.

      • Luche never really did anything interesting. All he did was say he was scared, and that he liked doing laundry. Then like, out of nowhere, towards the end of the series, he was this all powerful angelic being, with massive holy power.
        I didn’t really get it. He was like, so pure, or something, that that part of DS’s soul could escape hell in astral form. I’ll probably have to read it again some time.

      • Sounds like a pretty massive switch. Also, that maybe sounds a little cheesy if he was so pure that part of his purity helped DS out of hell. I guess he’s a really good guy. At least the whole turning into a massively powerful being would definitely help him if he were to fight on the blog

      • Oh, that sounds better then. I’m glad that he was able to get out since he was pure and all. Would have been a pretty rotten deal for him if he couldn’t.

  2. I watched this series twice under two months…. simply great! Without filler episodes would be even better, but it is still worth 10 points! And one more again: GREAT!!

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