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Inu No Taisho vs Nine Tailed Fox

Demon_fox_attacking (1)
The Nine Tailed Fox is a very powerful monster and his speed is pretty good. Inu No Taisho is also a quick fighter, but I think he lacks the Nine Tailed Fox’s intense energy abilities. One good blast it enough to take many fighters down for good. I don’t doubt that Inu No Taisho could match many of his feats, but he wouldn’t be able to keep up with him forever. Nine Tailed Fox wins.

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Sesshomaru vs Inu No Taisho

Inu No Taisho is back, but now he’s up against the mighty Sesshomaru! Sesshomaru has a lot of powerful abilities and he seems to be Inu No Taisho’s superior in just about everything. Both of them are very powerful at swordplay, but Sesshomaru has flight and regeneration to back him up. Not to mention that his list of abilities is pretty long and lethal. Sesshomaru wins.

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Inu No Taisho vs Virgo Shaka

Inu No Taisho is a pretty powerful being. His sword skills are immense and he has a pretty solid rep. Unfortunately, having a rep isn’t quite as good as having a lot of action scenes. This would still be a pretty good battle, but Virgo’s telekinesis mixed with his energy blasts, should prove to be the deciding edge. Virgo Shaka wins.