Dark Schneider vs Gemini Saga

Dark Schneider is back and this time he’s up against Gemini Saga! These 2 beings are both pretty powerful and fast. The only question is…who wins!? Well, I’d say that Dark Schneider has the speed advantage and seems like the stronger fighter in the end. Dark Schneider wins.

Fanfic version below


54 thoughts on “Dark Schneider vs Gemini Saga

  1. Not too sure about that Gemini saints have the power to create illusions, not only that, all Gold Saints can move at the speed of light and are incredibly strong. I think Saga would win, but it would be a good fight

  2. Gemini Saga is 39 Trillion x the speed of light. Dark Schneider is about a few thousand times FTL. Gemini is so much faster.
    Gemini has Better hand to hand combat and better defense. He has better Regeneration and Better all around power. PLus Gemini’s Massive Size and Golden armor, not even trillions degrees Celsius could kill Gemini.
    Saga could easily destroy all 100 of Dark Schneiders barriers with a simple movement, and then he moves at extreme speed and destroys Dark Schneider on all 3 planes in a split second.
    no way Dark Schneider is stronger then Gemini. maybe if i can get that one guy to agree with me. the one arguing about Dark Schneider vs Cell, and was on Dark Schneiders Team.
    I bet i could get him to agree that Gemini Saga is just an all around better Character. and DS has shown to show resistance against weak mind controlling techniques, while Gemini possesses the best Mind Controlling ability in the Media Universe!
    these characters are very similar, but its like saying level 1 Charmander vs level 9000 Shiny Charizard.
    im gonna hit up the (accepting requests) page now 😛 i have a great idea.

    • I’m not sure about Gemini being that much faster than DS. They’re both pretty fast to be sure. Yeah, it’s a good battle, but I think DS’s majin form could prove fatal. Also DS’s barriers are only able to be broken one at a time. (Of course if something like a Darkness Overload hit it, that could be another story!)

      Well, new requests are always fun!

  3. well Gemini’s Page says 39tril. x FTL. Dark Schneider cant match that.
    Gemini could destroy one and in less then 1/100,000,000 of a nanosecond destroy the next. so in an unbelievable amount of time he can wipe out his defense.
    DS’s majin form is strong, but not enough to the point Gemini cant candle it.
    you think you could email that one guy who voted for DS instead of Cell and see what his opinion is? im curious who he thinks would win.

    • It says 39 trillion? Neversaw that part before. Still, you never know. Dark Schneider’s speed is pretty intense! Don’t underestimate Majin Form!….it’s intense stuff!

      Don’t worry, the guy is subscribed so he’s probably noticed the match. He may come in at some point.

      • yes he can go 39 tril. x FTL. DS can only go thousands x FTL. even in his majin form.
        Gemini Saga has defenses that DS just cant outmatch. and Gemini’s pure power and ability to access the 3 planes is enough to win this. even if not, then DS would have to be able to destroy Gemini in a split nanosecond, including destroying his 7th and 8th sense, which he doesnt have any ability-disabling moves. in that time Gemini could easily control DS just by sensing his presence. that and DS isnt known for breaking out of illusions, especially infinite ones.

      • Could you show me a link with his 39 trillion x FTL? That’s a bit fast even for Gemini 😛 I’m not sure that I’d put him quite that fast. DS’s defense is pretty high. Either way this is quite the fight!

  4. Name: Gemini Saga
    Origin: Saint Seiya (original manga and Episode G)
    Gender: Male
    Classification: Gold Saint/Holy Pope
    Age: 28 (original manga) 21 (Episode G)
    Powers and Abilities: Skilled warrior, prediction by watching the stars, can adapt to techniques seen or suffered once, through Cosmo and the 7th sense has super strength, super speed, enhanced durability, telepathy (cross-dimensional level), telekinesis, illusion creation/dispelling, invisibility, space and dimension warping to redirect attacks or create recurring loops to trap opponents, can remotely animate his own Gold Cloth to make it fight with his whole abilities from afar, five sense removal, energy blasts (that can home in on the enemy from afar and different dimensions), forcefields, some resistance against destiny-changing attacks, generation of sunlight into attacks, higher senses to track people over long distances and through dimensions and compensate the loss of physical ones. When acquiring the 8th sense has total control of his soul and body in the realm of death allowing him to resurrect
    Weaknesses: His two personalities, good and evil, have clashed mid-battle, altering the outcome (doesn’t apply to post-Sanctuary arc Saga)
    Destructive Capacity: Atomic destruction; dimensional/galaxy level+, his fist is more than enough to end a fight quickly
    Range: Multi-dimensional/Universal+
    Speed: Massively FTL+
    Durability: Multi star level+ with Gold Cloth
    Strength: Class 100+ (accelerates super strong punches much faster then speed of light, can pierce a Gold Cloth)
    Stamina: Near limitless (Gold Saints are stated to be able to maintain fights with each other for 1000 days, was able to fight, even after receiving strong attacks from the Astral form of Cronus)
    Standard Equipment: Gemini Gold Cloth armor with its own Cosmo signature that regenerates minor damage on its own, absorbs sunlight and can fly to other dimensions and through galaxies to aid Saints. For many years he possessed a Golden Dagger capable of killing Gods even through non-physical bodies and regeneration
    Intelligence: Prodigy even compared to other Gold Saints and his own twin brother, impersonated the Pope of the Sanctuary for many years with minor suspicions among Saints, fulfilling diplomatic relations with several countries and manipulating wars and Gods behind the scenes. Also has shown high level illusion resistance and immunity ie repeatedly breaking Virgo Shaka’s illusions easily as well as resisting Gemini Kanon’s too. Originally the true candidate selected over Sagittarius Aiolos but was unhinged by split personality (potentially by a God; strongly hinted in the manga version) before the current Pope decided on Aiolos.

    Notable Attacks/Techniques:

    – Genrômaôken: Strikes the mind of his enemy with his Cosmo to brainwash it into servitude, also blocking memories at will even against Gods who try to access them. The victim of this technique falls into a murderous state after being hit by an enemy, until said enemy gets killed. Its effect could be removed by Saga himself or apparently by a powerful enough Cosmo attack. A weaker version of this technique is still able to paralyze the nervous system leaving the enemy wide open for attacks.

    – Another Dimension: Using his Cosmo to break spacetime, Saga opens another dimension that absorbs his enemies to trap them inside forever. It works on non-physical beings and can be used offensively by warping space through the enemy’s body, cutting or warping them apart.

    – Galaxian Explosion: Saga’s most powerful technique, with his Cosmo he creates an explosion or blast that at best has a power equal to the destruction of an entire galaxy (disputed, yet plausible given the setting, attacks from other Gold Saints and his attack power being complimented by Cronus). This attack can damage Saga if it is mishandled, it can be used as a suicide move and it can destroy non-physical beings.

    – Athena Exclamation: The strongest Gold Saint technique, it can only be performed by a trio of Gold Saints elevating their Cosmo to an extreme level at the same time into a single spot, emulating the Big Bang in a lesser scale.

    – One Bang Extreme: Saga punches his opponent so hard they either die or get a severe mental disability, KA-POW! for more information check here
    i’ll look up his 39 tril. x FTL tomorrow im about to go. but it only makes sense.
    as a baby he could go the speed of light. he is technically 37 because he is permanently in his prime. so that gives him 37 years at improving, so that’s at least 20 billion x FTL. then his armor multiplies it extravagently and its around 39 Tril. x FTL. i remember reading it on a site but i cant quite remember where.
    i listed he went 39 Tril. x FTL on Gemini vs Ichigo and Serenade.

    • I dunno, he’s fast, but I don’t think he’s quite 37 trillion. He’s still massively FTL though. He’s pretty tough and one of those guys who can’t be stopped by most opponents!

  5. mmhmm. Gemini Saga’s Speed is thousands-even millions times greater then DS’s easily. DS has his barriers, but they are no match for a Galactian explosion. also, Gemini Saga’s hand-to-hand combat is exeedingly well, surpassing DS’s thousand-hits-per-second with billion-hits-per-second. Gemini is also exeedingly massive. another feat is he has the ability to penetrate the strongest armor in the entire Universe of media; the Golden Armor, in one punch.
    Gemini surpasses Dark Schneider in every way imaginable. he has superior agility and intellectual abilities. I’ve Done my research on Dark Schneider very well and havent found a single stat that is greater then any of Gemini Saga’s.

    • I wouldn’t go that far. The Galactian Explosion probably wouldn’t get through his barriers and dispel bound. I think DS has the speed advantage as well as the hand to hand advantage. I’m not sure who’s smarter, but it’s maybe close 😛

      Still, Gemini Saga is tough stuff, but I don’t think that he wins this round

      • a single barrier can withstand a planetary busting attack; no more. Gemini’s Hand-to-hand is much more advanced and he’s able to get quite a large amount of hits in one second more then DS can.

      • I’m not sure, the barrier could maybe withstand a bit more than that. Some would argue that it could block the Galaxian Explosion

  6. nah, the Galactian Explosion is just too powerful for his insignificant barriers. it may be able to withstand more then a planet busting move, but nothing Gemini Saga couldn’t handle.
    Gemini Saga’s Speed and Hand-to-hand combat is superior to Dark Schneider’s as well as his Defense and Strategic tactics.
    the two characters are very similar in many ways: ability to control dimensions, massive FTL capabilities, extreme number of hits per second. It’s just, Gemini Saga is on a completely different League then Dark Schneider. none of his abilities will do much harm against Gemini Saga. and Gemini’s abilities are extremely devastating to Dark Schneider. No mind can resist Gemini’s ‘puppetry’.
    also, any devastating moves done to Gemini Saga, will only lead to his regeneration and increased adaptivity to that move; he can even copy enemies abilities! so, Gemini Saga is just an all around better, more powerful Opponent.

    • I’m not so sure about that. It would be close of course. I wouldn’t say that his speed and hand to hand are better. Likewise with defense, but I can’t really comment on the tactics part yet. I think Dark Schneider has the advantages in the other areas. If DS destroys Saga in an instant, Gemini Saga won’t be able to defend. Dark Schneider’s just far too fast and powerful

  7. look up Dark Schneider’s speed. it reaches thousands x FTL. Gemini is faster then millions, even billions x FTL. so his speed is out of the question.
    DS can attack with thousands of hits per second.
    Gemini can attack with billions of hits per second.
    I know DSfocuses on overpowering the opponent rather then to outmatch him.
    Gemini’s abilities alone are enough to take him out. with a single galactian explosion focused to one point, he could easily command up 100 of them, 1 for each shield.
    then takes DS out with his speed and power.

    • But remember, we still have’t found scans or anything of Gemini Saga moving that fast. He’s FTL, but possibly only in the hundreds or thousands of times.

      I still think DS has the speed and power advantage. And with those beating him would be tough

      • I’ve seen it on blogs and resources that he is almost exactly 39 tril. x FTL.
        but lets say that DS DOES have the speed and power advantage.
        his mind is weak; Gemini could easily kill his brain stem. or completely obliterate his body, therefore he could not regenerate.
        DS couldn’t escape an infinite illusion even if he wanted to.

      • Yeah, but finding those could be tough. If you do, post a link, but it may have been false which is why finding it could be tough. I don’t think Gemini’s quite that fast. Dark Schneider could destroy Saga before he thinks of trying to destroy him like that, as for the illusion. DS could probably shatter it

      • false? it only makes sense.
        as an infant, he could go FTL. no armor, no cosmos.
        the armor easily, not only gives him a defensive advantage, but x his speed by at least 100.
        the Infinite cosmos helps his speed. if he needs more, he just absorbs it and focuses it to speed.
        DS couldnt destroy Gemini in 32.454 Millenniums.
        This blog is based on facts. he couldnt shatter the illusion because he has never shattered an illusion. his weak mind is Gemini’s to control.

      • Possibly not intentionally, but they could have been over hyping him. With cosmos and armor his speed would be increased, but I don’t think it would hit the millions mark, let alone the trillions.

        DS would destroy Gemini nice and quick before the cosmos could help him much. Also, even though they are “limitless” everything has a limit so it would eventually stop. Or Gemini would blow up with all of the power and all.

        The blog just uses facts, but I think it’s a fact that he could break the illusion. It’s not as tough as breaking a planet and DS is a casual planet buster. I don’t think Gemini could control him

  8. you have a point, illusion busting isnt as hard as planet busting. so the infinite maze illusion might not work, ill give him that.
    before the infinite cosmos ‘run out’, Gemini would have wiped Dark Schneider out, no challenge. Dark Schneider’s power is nowhere near Gemini’s, and that’s a fact. since DS has to stand still and actually speak his attacks into existence, that leaves a clear shot for a direct hit.
    woah, this is a closer match then i thought. check this link out
    we got 50% on Gemini Saga’s side, and 50% on Sark Schneider’s side.
    *Sark Schneider is Majin form of Dark Schneider*

    • Yeah, they’re both pretty tough. In the thread it looks like DS has the advantage, but it’s close. I’d say that his speed and power give him the edge in this round. He doesn’t actually have to say his attacks as far as I know. I think it’s just for dramatic effect

  9. this was the last comment posted:
    @Agent9149: Ds does have a shield that protects him and but im sure saga can brake it with GA so it will only serve to give DS time.

    once his barrier is broken saga could end this by mind messing or remove touch with mobilized his body or take away his site making the battle more difficult for him.

  10. even here, it lists Dark Schneider’s wins, losses, and inconclusive matches.
    he only has one opponent that is inconclusive.
    can you take a guess?
    Notable OBD Victories:

    – Alucard (Hellsing) – Alucard Profile
    – Goku (Dragon Ball) – Goku Profile
    – Iceman (Marvel Comics) – Iceman Profile
    – OPverse (One Piece)
    – Overlord Zetta (Makai Kingdom) – Zetta Profile
    – Pre-Crisis Superman (DC Comics) – PC Superman Profile
    – Pyron (Darkstalkers) – Pyron Profile
    – Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon) – Sailor Moon Profile
    – Thanos (Marvel Comics) – Thanos Profile
    – Thor (Marvel Comics) – Thor Profile
    – Ukoku Sanzo (Saiyuki) – Ukoku Profile
    – Vegito (Dragon Ball) – Vegito Profile
    – World War Hulk ( Marvel Comics) – Hulk Profile

    Notable OBD Losses:

    – Arceus (Pokemon) – Arceus Profile
    – Doctor Strange (Marvel Comics) – Doctor Strange Profile
    – Enrico Pucci (JJBA) – Enrico Profile
    – The Fury (Marvel Comics) – The Fury Profile
    – Galactus (Marvel Comics) – Galactus Profile
    – Lucifer Morningstar (DC/Vertigo Comics) – Lucifer Profile
    – Pegasus Seiya (Saint Seiya) – Pegasus Seiya Profile
    – Spawn (Image Comics) – Spawn Profile
    – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (TTGL) – TTGL Profile
    – Z (Tenchi Muyo!) – Z Profile

    Inconclusive Matches:

    – Gemini Saga (Saint Seiya) – Saga Profile

    • Lol, he beat Goku and Vegito! Also he would pwn almost all of the guys that he lost too…….well, sounds like Gemini Saga is pretty tough then! If he can hold his own against DS, that takes guts

  11. http://sailormoonforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=17352&view=previous
    in this one, Dark Schneider wins, due to the speed being equalized. one of the bloggers posted:
    All Gold Saints can destroy you to the atomic level body mind and soul. So without speed equal Saga will just be too fast, Galaxian Explosion + any followup necessary = GG.

    Speed equal Darsh should win due to higher durability and toughness + hax like Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, etc.

  12. ooh, here’s something interesting. Gemini has infinite cosmos, so, in an instant, he increases his power to equal the power of all 12 golden saints, and, one in both hands, blast 2 Athenas exclamations. but before that, he fuses them, causing them, not to add up, nor multiply, but to increase INFINITELY.
    here, look at this: http://saintseiya.wikia.com/wiki/Gold_Saints
    The Gold Saints dominate a legendary technique known as Athena Exclamation, where 3 Gold Saints join their Cosmo to form a single blow. The Contemplative Athena Tablet represents its essence. In manga that tablet is inside Athena’s room. The A.E. power is so immense that it releases an energy similar to the explosion that gave birth to the universe, the Big Bang. When Two Athena Exclamation collide, they will not only double or multiply, but increase infinitely.

    • Yeah, but the thing is..if he uses that attack..he dies instantly. Meaning he’d lose the fight (plus I think DS could tank it) Still, it’s a pretty neat attack

  13. im looking some more golden Saints up and i found 3 more that sound interesting.
    Gemini Paradox, Capricorn Ionia, and Leo Regulus
    Capricorn vs Regulus sounds like a good match.
    Paradox is the reincarnation of Gemini Saga, which is cool.
    Capricorn has the ability to speak commands, and his opponent MUST obey them. which is cool.
    Regulus can preform the Athena Exclamation by himself, AND he is the only Golden Saint to be able to preform the Zodiac Exclamation, which equals the equivilant of all the power of all 12 Golden saints put together.
    Zodiac Exclamation=sacrifice of the Golden Saints, which is cool.

  14. Gemini Saga obviously has the speed advantage. I’ll look up his speed right now as well as Dark Schneider’s.
    Gemini Saga has the highest defense of all the Golden Saints: multi Star+
    it would take much more then a galaxy busting attack to break his armor.
    Gemini’s ability to warp dimensions should help deflect 70% of Dark Schneider’s attacks. the rest he can just tank.
    for the barriers… Gemini’s ability to land more then a billion hits in one second shouldtake care of those.

    • I’m not sure about him having the speed advantage. DS is extremely fast as well. Gemini’s defense is good, but DS has spell bound which is also dangerous.

      Gemini’s fast, but I think DS could outspeed him which would end this match in his favor

      • if it all comes down to speed, then Gemini Saga would be the victor. its just… Saint Seiya is just too much for Dark Schneider’s series!!. In all the wikis of both characters, it says that they are both massively FTL+ so unless we cant find specific speeds, i say we should agree their speeds are exactly the same (which i highly doubt)
        Dark Schneider may have spell bound, but I’m sure Gemini Saga has a similar technique. if Dark Schneider can even hit Gemini with a spellbound, he simply warps back to the dimension. now Dark Schneider never could do that; he took 3 years, blasting through dimensions to get from hades back to the mortal realm. which, for Gemini, would only take half a second, if not even that.
        DS has impressive skills and stats, but most of his Majin form attacks are as big as a car and have a planetary range. in Gemini’s eyes, thats not even close to matching his own power.
        Getting past Gemini Saga’s Golden Cloth would prove difficult for DS, since it takes so much more then a galaxy busting attack to destroy it, and Dark Schneider currently has no Galaxy level+ destruction attacks.
        oh well, DS almost had a chance. maybe if he had some giant laser blast that was over galaxy level+ he might have stood a chance-oh no wait, i forgot. the 7th sense lets Gemini regenerate from nothing, i completely forgot. well not really since im bringing it up, but i should have said it sooner.
        the most lethal attck to gemini would probably be […in his Majin form, can reflect opponents attacks with equal and proportional intensity, can cast absolute zero spells]
        absolute zero is the coldest temperature in the universe. and unfortunantly for Gemini, it takes an absolute Zero to freeze him with his armor. so, DS could freeze Gemini Saga, destroy him, and Gemini Saga would just come back.
        Dark Schneider’s ability to reflect an attack with almost equivalent power and destruction would also be another threat. unfortunately for Dark Schneider, this would require using Judas Pain (which takes a huge toll on his body and mind) and takes too much time to preform, since every time he uses it he takes dozens of seconds just recovering from the impact of the blow, and then reflects it. i would say it takes 30 seconds to a good minute to reflect such a powerful attack, too much time that DS doesnt have.
        The Galactian explosion is equivalent to the destruction power it takes to destroy a galaxy. and since he can preform this attack with absolutely no motion needed, he can easily spam it, and use it for a supprise attack that DS will never see coming.
        i looked up some stuff about Libro Shaka, and found some interesting things.
        (before Gemini Saga was pope) Gemini saga and 2 other golden saints joined in blasting Shaka with an Athena exclamation (a force similar to the birth of the universe, the big bang)
        at first they thought they succeeded, as they watched Shaka’s ‘body’ dissolve into nothingness.
        he tanked that attack simply to get into hades. he wasnt even destroyed, so it shows he has the most BASE cosmo power of all golden saints.
        but as Gemini became pope, granting him an endless amount of power, he was able to outspeed, smart, and out power Shaka.
        ah, anyways Dark Schneider doesnt stand a chance agianst Gemini’s pure power. with combining 2 athena exclamations, its power multiplies infinitely, destroying anything in its path.

      • Personally I’ve always found the series that DS is from to be a lot faster than the Saint Seiya universe. I don’t think that Gemini has anything like DS’s dispel bound. That thing is incredibly useful and helps him win this round.

        DS could get out of the universe easy. I think Gemini would have had a better chance if he were faster

  15. btw, gemini saga does have the 8th sense, it says so in the link im about to post. it also says with one bang extreme, he can kill any opponent with one pucnh, or hit them so hard they suffer from a mental disability.
    Gemini can litterally knock the senses out of Dark schneider.
    Gemini Saga could just as easily destroy Dark Schneider’s 6th sense, life, just as easily as he can do it to anyone else.btw i found out that Majin Dark Schneider is 7,000x FTL on his obdwiki. it doesnt say exactly how fast Gemini Saga is; just Massively FTL+
    but im done with my calculations and i say that Gemini saga is much faster then Dark Schneider. wanna see the math?
    light travels around the world 7.5 times in one second.
    the world’s circumference is 24,901 miles long.
    1 mile=5,280 feet.
    24,901 x 5,280 =13,147,780
    13,147,780×7.5=986,079,600 feet per second.
    light travels 986,079,600 feet a second.
    Gemini’s punching distance (at human size, not ordinary size[planetary+]): 2 feet.
    1 billion hits per second; 2 billion feet per second. Saga speed.
    2,000,000,000 / 986,079,600 (saga speed divided by light speed [in feet per second])
    Saga is just barely over twice the speed of light, by no more then 2 hundredths.
    its not that fast, until you include his size, planetary, it changes drastically.
    lightspeed=986,079,600 feet/second
    punching distance=20,000 miles(105,600,000 feet) x 2 bil.
    40,000,000,000,000 feet/second. that over 131,477,280 would be 40564.677
    Gemini saga in his normal form is easily 40,564.5x FTL

      • well if you have a theory, shoot. but my math is correct, i triple checked. Gemini Saga is about 6x faster then Dark Schneider.
        thats only his fast too. if i were to be able to calculate how fast he can make his entire body go, it would overload the calculator im using, lol.
        Dark schneider is definately 7,000xFTl, thats for sure. there’s proof. and using correct calculations, i found out the equivalent of Gemini Saga’s speed to Light speed.
        if we cant find Gemini Saga’s actual speed on the internet, the best estimate would be 40,000xFTL.

      • For speed, it’s easier to rate them by DBZ standards. Let’s say that both characters are around Frieza level speed. DS would be Captain Ginyu and Gemini would be Burter. They’re both incredibly fast, but I think that DS has the advantage. It’s tough of course, but that’s why these debates are here. Plus if I ever read either of their mangas (I won’t be reading DS’s tho) then the match could change even sooner

  16. haha xD these people are much faster then Frieza level. he never shows any capability of being FTL at all.
    Gemini Saga is faster then Dark Schneider, proven mathematically. Proven.
    cant prove DS is faster then Gemini, yours is just a hunch.
    btw check this out about superman prime.
    superman prime… he won against libro shaka?!?
    His range is universal, his destruction capacity is Universal,
    his defensive capabilities are universal.
    he is equivalent to the smartest being in the universe.
    massively FTL
    no notable weaknesses
    Likely Limitless Stamina
    possesses the last Green Lantern ring
    (not in the wiki) he also has used thor’s hammer.
    this guy is strong. did you know any of these stats?

    • Frieza’s massively FTL. 😛

      Gemini Saga is pretty fast, I’ll give him that.

      Yeah, Superman’s tough stuff. I wouldn’t say that he could beat Libro though…well maybe. Yeah, I heard of the stats, he’s pretty tough which is why I almost had him beat Lightning. Superman’s one guy that you should not underestimate!

      • i wish i found frieza’s actual stats. then there wouldnt be any confusion. he might be LS, but probably not over it.
        yes, Gemini Saga is fast. plus, he can be instantaneous using his ability to warp dimensions. lol he can litterally warp his opponents body, which is pretty sweet.
        honestly, since there’s such a huge difference between Superman and Superman Prime, i would, if i were you, take the time and make them 2 seperate characters. but that’s just me.
        so, looking at the mathematical evidence provided, what would you say Gemini Saga’s speed would be, in terms of xFTL?

      • Trust me, he’s massively FTL. One of the faster beings out there for sure. Even faster than Superman 1 million!

        Well, Superman Prime is a seperate character, but the character that you linked I refer to as Superman 1 million. He counts with Superman to help him out.

        Not really sure, but Gemini is definitely fast! I just don’t usually calc that sort of stuff. I just do it all in my head

  17. oh? it occured to me that kal-el 1 million= superman 1 million= superman prime.
    hahaha! i beg to differ on freeza’s stats. take a look for yourself, then go change the outcome of Gemini Saga vs Frieza if you feel the need to.
    speed: Mach 42-90 (lets just say 100xFaster Then Sound)
    Durability: very least moon level, likely planetary level+
    Destructive capacity: at least multi moon level, likely planetary scale.
    Frieza, is so, incredibly weak compared to an all powerful being as Gemini Saga.

    • Well, some call Superman 1 Million Superman Prime, but I don’t because it’s more confusing. Because there is already a Superman Prime. Why should we name another one Prime?

      Trust me, Frieza’s a lot faster than that. Gemini Saga is tough, but in the end he can’t take down someone like Frieza. Frieza’s just too ultimately powerful

      • so, let me get this straight -.-
        i actually found solid evidence on a real website that agrees with saying Freeza is slower then 100xFTS
        his durability, destruction power, and range is planetary.
        and you just say that those FACTS are wrong, just because, to you, freeza is ultimately powerful?
        we both know Gemini Saga is much faster then 100xFTS, his durability is multigalactial+, his range is Universal+, and his attack power at least multigalactical+
        according to blog rules, you go by facts. you folow those rules for everyone EXCEPT for anyone in the DBZ series. you say their ultimately more powerful then someone when there isnt any proof.
        i want you to show me where it says Freeza’s stats. want you to take the effort in PROVING your theory. i already did for mine, and for some reason, it was rejected.
        take the time to look his stats up. if you can find ANY page that says Frieza is FTL, I’ll leave it alone just because of that. but we both know there isnt a page on the internet like that.

      • First of all, this Is a real website. In the end, those people think Frieza isn’t FTL and I think he is. There will always be differences in opinion which is why debating sites exist. I’d say that his stats are a lot higher.

        I’ve never found Gemini Saga that fast or that powerful. That’s why those stats may not help him so much. Scans and clips help 1000X more than written facts.

        Raditz was FTL and Frieza is faster than him. So, Frieza is FTL in my books

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