Tournament Smashers Episode 22 Dark Schneider vs Gemini Saga

The 22nd fight is now here!

Gemini Saga was in a stadium. He had heard about the whole Tournament Smashers event and had been sizing up the competition. So far..he was liking his chances! These guys had nothing on him and he knew it. He just needed to find a suitable opponent for his first victory. Someone powerful!

Dark Schneider noticed a high power level and went to check it out. He saw a guy in bright golden armor smirking at other fighters. “He’s mine!” Dark Schneider yellimposed as he shot a giant blast at Gemini Saga. It made a giant explosion that completely destroyed the entire stadium.

“That should get his attention,” Dark Schneider said as the smoke cleared. “Was that supposed to hurt?” Gemini Saga taunted as he flew in the air opposite Dark Schneider. “No, but this is!” Dark Schneider said as he charged at Gemini Saga and unleashed a powerful punch.

Gemini Saga blocked the punch with the back of his hand and pushed it away. Using the momentum, Gemini Saga quickly rammed Dark Schneider into a mountain. Dark Schneider kicked Gemini Saga off and tackled him to the ground.

“Demon Emperor Fist!” Gemini Saga yelled as he quickly slashed at Dark Schneider. Dark Schneider dodged, but it cut a hole in the air and a beam of light quickly hit Dark Schneider. It launched Dark Schneider extremely far back. “That should buy me a min-,” Gemini Saga never got to finish as Dark Schneider punched him in the chest.

Gemini Saga doubled over as Dark Schneider picked him up and threw him out of orbit. Gemini Saga quickly regained his balance and made a huge illusion maze. “You’ll never be able to escape this!” Gemini Saga yelled as he started to regain his strength.

“Intrigueing,” Dark Schneider thought as he looked around the maze. It could take him a while to finish it, but he was never the type of guy who enjoyed mazes. Dark Schneider powered up and the entire illusion shattered into a million pieces. Dark Schneider smirked and flew at Gemini Saga.

Gemini Saga noticed Dark Schneider approaching at an alarming rate. It was time to start fighting him seriously! Gemini Saga started charging up. “That won’t work!” Dark Schneider yelled as he appeared in front of Gemini Saga. “GALAXIAN EXPLOSION!” Gemini Saga yelled as he blasted Dark Schneider from close range.

The blast made a huge explosion and wiped out everything around them. “It’s over,” Gemini Saga said as he looked on. Dark Schneider was gravely injured, but still smirking. “An injury of this level is nothing,” Dark Schneider said as he instantly healed all of the damage. “Impossible!” Gemini Saga gasped as Dark Schneider charged at him.

Gemini Saga threw a punch, but Dark Schneider dodged and kicked him to the ground. The earth split in two and Gemini Saga plummeted downwards into space. Dark Schneider appeared under him and punched him back up. Gemini Saga banged one of the halfs of the earth and it blew up.

“Enough!” Gemini Saga yelled as he blocked Dark Schneider’s next punch and threw him into the sky. Gemini Saga fired an onslaught of energy blasts at Dark Schneider. Dark Schneider dodged them all with incredible speed and fired a blast at Gemini Saga. Gemini Saga dodged, but was met with a fist to the face.

Gemini Saga hit the ground. “Galaxian Explosion!” Gemini Saga yelled as he fired another blast. Dark Schneider fired another blast that banged the explosion and made a bigger explosion. “Give it up!” Dark Schneider yelled as he flew towards Gemini Saga again.

Gemini Saga had been a decent opponent, but Dark Schneider knew that he had already won the match. He just needed to prove it. Dark Schneider punched Gemini Saga, but Saga counterattacked with a kick. Dark Schneider rolled to the left and shot out a quick energy blast. Saga dodged and flew into the air.

Gemini Saga made another illusion, but Dark Schneider quickly shattered it with his fist as he grabbed Gemini Saga. “Time to end this!” Dark Schneider yelled as he charged up a lot of energy into his fist. “Game over!” Dark Schneider yelled as he punched Gemini Saga.

Gemini Saga hit the ground and lost consciousness. “Heh, there was never any doubt of my victory!” Dark Schneider said as he chuckled. Suddenly Dark Schneider noticed something. He had broken the earth…but right now he was standing on it. “Who could do this!” Dark Schneider thought as he felt an immense aura. He turned around and saw a boy holding two screws.

“Did you do this?” Dark Schneider asked. “Maybe,” the kid said as he smirked at Dark Schneider. “ presume much to interfere in my glorious victory boy! Maybe I should destroy you now,” Dark Schneider said as he started powering up. Then Goku and Medaka appeared in front of him.

“Sorry pal, but if you’re planning on blowing up the earth again, then you’re gonna have to go through me!” Goku said as he turned into Super Saiyan mode. “I don’t mind you guys fighting, but nobody dies while I’m here,” Medaka said as she walked over to Gemini Saga and stabbed him.

Gemini Saga’s injuries vanished. “Hmmm….,” Dark Schneider thought as he weighed his options. He could beat these guys..but would it be worth the trouble? Perhaps not. “I’ll deal with you guys later,” Dark Schneider said as he flew off. “Aw man, I haven’t gotten to fight in a while!” Goku whined. Suddenly he heard a voice in his head. “Goku….careful..things are going to get dangerous,” a voice said as it faded away. Goku ignored it, he was gonna go look for a fight!

4 thoughts on “Tournament Smashers Episode 22 Dark Schneider vs Gemini Saga

  1. I have never seen dark Schneider fight, what anime is he from? Amazing that he can defeat a Gold Saint of Sagas caliber. Virgo Shaka would probably do better

    • He’s from a manga called Jerk, but a meaner version of the word that begins with the letter B. Naturally I can’t actually spell out the name in the comment though. Yeah, this guy’s extremely powerful. Defeating Saga is definitely a bold feat

  2. The manga is also a Synonym for one with no father.

    So this was a neat story. I feel like Dark Scheider should have used some spells, though.
    Also, the following line has an oversight:
    “Impossible!” Dark Schneider gasped as Dark Schneider charged at him.

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