Doomsday vs Hulk

Hulk and Doomsday are some of the tougher characters out there! Hulk has a lot of raw power and at his strongest he’s a worldbreaker! Doomsday has taken on Superman in the past and at his best, it took a lot more than that to beat him! These two are both tough, but I’d say that Doomsday still has the edge. Doomsday wins.

14 thoughts on “Doomsday vs Hulk

      • To this point we have never seen the limitation of doomsday’s regeneration. But also, we have never seen limitation of hulk’s anger. I can picture an awesome fight scene where doomsday gets hulk to brink of death, and that gets hulk so pissed beyond anything else and thus collecting power beyond what doomsday can learn/regenerate up to. I think hulk has more potential to unlocking the “super saiyan” mode with his anger.

      • True, at Hulk’s angriest that we’ve seen. He destroyed an entire planet just by smashing the ground. His power keeps going up, but would Doomsday let him get that far? By the time Hulk’s at a level where he can defeat Doomsday, he may already be dead. Super Saiyan Hulk would be pretty neat

      • True πŸ˜‰ I’ve always been on DC’s side on that one. I think

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        Yeah…I basically love DC πŸ˜›

  1. As you can probably guess by now, I’m a big Marvel fan. Having said that, I will also add that the Hulk has an endorsement from one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel lineup, a God. I think the Beyonder once said Hulk’s power is infinite. Let me know when Doomsday gets an endorsement from a God on his resume πŸ™‚

    • Hulk did have a pretty great strength feat at that point (He lifted a 150 billion ton mountain) Yeah, I don’t think Doomsday has an endorsement from a god yet πŸ˜› And of course, Hulk keeps getting stronger and stronger. He’s definitely one of Marvel’s strongest characters!

  2. The hulk is the most powerful character in marvel or dc the stronger he gets the better his healing factor he destroyed planets and gods alike he destroyed onslaught with a single punch when all of the characters of marvel combined could not even scratch him the only character I think that could stand a chance is Goku plus the hulk knows BJJ!!! He adapts to survive even Thanos is terrified of the hulk he said it himself. He has no weakness if you kill banner hulk survives and is even stronger!!!

    • The Hulk is very strong to be sure and he is one of Marvel’s heavy hitters. That being said, I would take Doomsday over him and certainly Superman. Superman is the strongest comic book character of all time, have you seen the way that he mows down the competition casually? There’s no stopping him!

  3. I’d have to go with Hulk on this one. Doomsday may have “killed” superman before but Superman wasn’t in his prime during that fight. Hulk get’s stronger as the battle goes on and he get’s angrier, his healing factor is insane, and some writers makes Hulk smart since Bruce Banner’s a scientist. Interesting fight and I see why you’d go with Doomsday, but Hulk should win imo

    • It’s true that Superman should have won/wasn’t in his prime, but I still found that to be too much of an impressive feat to get by. I really don’t see Hulk giving Superman the same level of difficulty in a fight just because Doomsday is also so fast. Plus, Doomsday can absorb abilities like Rogue and has gotten quite a few good ones in the past like energy bombs/blasts and high speed flight. Strong (See what I did there?) arguments can be made for Hulk as well of course. The guy broke a planet with a single stomp in Worldbreaker.

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