Dark Schneider vs Bass

Admittedly Dark Schneider’s design looks cool, but we all know that looks don’t win battles. Bass has enough power to decimate Dark Schneider in one blow. Bass’s power is limitless and all he needs is one blow to destroy any being in all of media. Bass gets another win and shows why he’s the best! Bass wins.


50 thoughts on “Dark Schneider vs Bass

  1. Dark Schneider’s Dispel bound protects him from instant victory, and reality warping. It would protect him from Bass only needing “One blow.” Besides, Dark Schneider can just regenerate, even if he loses his head, or entire body.
    Besides… With the 7 Judas pains that Dark Schneider has, his power is also limitless. So there.

    One more thing… Looks DO win battles.
    Dark Schneider says,” There is an invariable rule in men’s battles. It states: ‘An ugly, macho guy can never beat an intelligent, popular, slender and handsome hero.”

    • That could help lengthen the fight. But how does it stop Bass from one shotting him? Bass could use Darkness Overload to completely destroy every atom of DS so he can’t regenerate. DS is extremely powerful though. Even DBZ level possibly!

      Well, since Bass’s design is the best this helps him ๐Ÿ™‚ Though DS had a point when he said that!

      • Dark Schneider gains power from Darkness. He was born of it. That’s why when Anthrax, that dark god of destruction was resurrected, the dark aura the covered the land brought him back to life after he tore his heart out. This was before he had the Judas Pains.

        Dark Schneider is legendary for his immortality. Even if his entire body is destroyed, you have to simultaneously destroy his eternal atoms on the spiritual and astral plains. Before you can do that, you have to take down his thousands of Forcefields that constantly regenerate.

        Dark Schneider has plenty of attacks too. Mostly spells… which he names after Metal Bands, like Megadeth, Exodus, Black Sabbath, White Snake, Halloween… I could go on but won’t.
        They’re all pretty formidable, like Black sabbath creates a pocket universe, that’s increased to 1,000,000ยฐ+ celsius and then pushes everything in it into another dimension.
        I’m sure Venom wouldn’t work on Bass, though, because he’s a robot, or reploid, or whatever.

        DBZ level, huh? Yeah, I was thinking of requesting a fight between DS and Shenron. I think DS would win. He’s beyond DBZ.

      • Go for it! You never want to keep a request fight at bay. If you request the fight I can have it up today! So I recommend doing it. DS does seem pretty tough all right. A lot of pretty good abilities, of course DBZ is pretty much the strongest anime. Tackling Shenron may be a good idea, but facing Goku could be risky.

        Well one Darkness Overload could shatter all of the barriers and melt him with such force that his psyche is overloaded, causing himself to be destroyed on the other 2 plains. Bass is cray powerful!

  2. You can’t easily overload his psyche, When he fought the Archangel Gabriel, he exchanged millions of blows per second while also regenerating with his incomprehensible logistical skills. Besides, he never loses track of his goal… To rule the world and have a harem of all the world’s women. He says that he can service three at once.

    If an enemy is powerful enough to reduce him to near death. he has a spell, Bloodstone, that returns all damage done to dark schneider to the attacker. DS is crazy broken.

    The reason I’m reluctant to request that fight, is because you don’t seem to know who Dark Schneider is, and how insignificant Goku is by comparison, and you wouldn’t do him justice.

    DS is the adam of Darkness. He is the antichrist. Also, Schneider is the german word for tailor, so he often creates new, stylish clothes from nowhere.

    • DS sounds pretty fast. So Bass speedblitzing him wouldn’t be as drastic as expected. Of course everytime Bass hits DS, DS will be infected with bugs. That will slow him down and thus weaken him. Regeneration is a must, of course Bass could cop out the whole fight and just absorb DS.

      How fast can he activate Bloodstone? Also do you mean that he loses all of the damage? That does sound like a pretty good ability, but how does it work? Because it might be one of those TOAA abilities and as such wouldn’t count.

      Well you meant regular Shenron right? Either way he’s not quite Goku level so it’s a good place to start. (Talking about Shenron) If you mean Goku….I can see why you want to wait on that match ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d do research on DS, but his chances of winning are slim at best.

      Making cloths is epic, Piccolo can do it, but I don’t think Goku was ever proven to have that ability. Why not just give DS a bunch of requests, but start low and get higher. Like start out having him fight Cam Jansen and eventually go up too Jonah Hex level. Since the blog has rankings it will help his rank a lot (Since he’s currently 0-1)

    • same thing with Gemini Saga bro.
      he just doesnt understand how much more powerful Gemini is than SSJ4 Vegeto.
      btw Gemini can also regenerate when being completely destroyed, and he always grows his power above his enemies before hand. another thing is he can destroy things on the spiritual plane, physical plane, and any other plane. and he hits billions of times per second.
      so technically Gemini would win against Dark Schneider.

  3. I don’t think he loses all the damage, and It works by creating cursed space. It didn’t seem to take him very long. He just recited a short incantation. Liberation of the 13 sentinels, Bloodstone.

    Bugs won’t work against DS. His spellbound includes insecticide and herbicide Here’s a page with a description of forcefields. http://www.mangahere.com/manga/bastard/c121/10.html
    Anti assimilator was also one of the shields. It’s at the bottom. So no absorbing either.

    • So it’s kinda like poison gas? Or more like a certain piece of ares where the effect works? Because if it’s just one of those “undodgeable” things then it may be kinda blocked from blog purposes or degraded. Kinda like how no beings can just will others out of existence in the blog.

      His barrier has a lot of things. Even a lie detector! Well, the bugs may attach themselves to the forcefields. instead of him. Causing them to lose their effects. So in a hand to hand fight with DS, you need to be supremely powerful or you’ll die in an instant.

      Why not give him some matches? Even if they’re clear stomps, it’ll help boost DS’s ranking ๐Ÿ™‚

      • It’s not gas… It’s magic. Cursed space around DS and the enemy which he must cast ahead of time.

        I’ll consider suggesting fights for DS, But… the only reason he’s 0-1 is because of THIS fight, which I think is at least a draw.

      • So does it only work while the opponent’s in the space. Like Hidan from Naruto? Or is it very widespread and covers the whole planet.

        Yeah, I pretty much had too. Another debating site called Factpile did this match (To spite me) and had Bass lose. So I had to show them how it’s done. Still, you could easily get DS to 10-1 in less than 2 weeks with some nice blow outs. If you don’t like blowouts you can aim higher, but I always recommend starting low and ending high. It helps you gauge the character’s power level.

  4. DS has power full he can’t die – -‘ he has moe power we can’t know manga can’t completed bot now his power can do every thing he have power for destroy glaxy (1.his absorb power of 1st angle mikael) (2.he have dragonluciferbody)bass can runout? no.

    7 Judas pains one of all power absorb every power near him ot him *in manga use in hell his absorb darkness power* GOD item can use to every thing ^ ^v bass can destroy his body? hard.

    His barrier can destroy who hit him direct or destroy power lower lv then angle 1 st class.

    bass can’t kill god but ds can kill god adam of Darkness only can do it.

    Bass can absorb DS? what absorb? his body? his sol? his magicpower? hahaha if his lost his bosy astral body can use other body again(angle and demon use) astral can destroy by hightangle or demonloard only Bass is’t not angle and not demon not god = can’t kill him (some how can use bassbody = bass die)

    DS is hight rang near infinity.
    his can’t lost if his don’t want.
    he have other trick to control other the contrack of darkness.

    • DS is powerful, but his power isn’t unlimited like Bass. Nobody has unlimited power (Besides Bass) If he blasts a galaxy at Bass then Bass will come back that much more powerful. After that DS has no chance. Bass’s Get Ability is too powerful.

      Bass’s sword can pierce DS and destroying his physical body shouldn’t be too tough for him. From there he can absorb the remains and get stronger.

      Bass can also infect DS with bugs.

      Bass can destroy anybody.

      DS is extremely tough, but he can’t beat Bass

      • Dark Schneider has a spell called Judas Priest that makes it so people can’t ever come back into existence, So that Bass can’t just “come back” and I already showed you that DS is immune to assimilation, so he can’t be absorbed.

      • So, Bass would have to destroy him at high speeds. If he speedblitzes DS he can do some heavy damage fast. I’m not sure if he can stop Bass from coming back. The Get Ability would just overpower the spell. Well, I guess DS won’t be getting absorbed which can help him

      • Hey… You said the things about bugs again, even though you know now that his dispell bound contains a shield of insecticide. What gives? Did you forget?
        And I don’t see why a spell designed to keep someone from coming back wouldn’t work. Even if Bass got abilities, He wouldn’t get the power of the Judas Pains. They’re not an ability, they’re things that multiply his spell’s effectiveness millions of times, and absorb all the power around him, and give a nearly indestructible body. Bass can’t get that, I think.

      • Whoops, forgot about that for a sec.

        But the Get Ability is virtually unstoppable! Of course even without that Bass already has a lot of powers. With just his aura he can shake the entire planet! Any beam that DS shoots wouldn’t be able to reach Bass because he can reflect them. To wrap it up his barrier is immune to projectiles. Plus Bass has his fusion form which ups his abilities dramatically.

      • You mean Bass with Trebble? I like that form. It’s cool, and it lets him fly. It was useful in Megaman and Bass.
        Dark Schneider mostly learned fire magic. Before the Judas pains, He could heat things up to 6000ยฐC, so he could probably heat an area up to 6 billion degrees now. That’s not something reflectable.

      • No, that’s Kid Bass. Here’s exe’s fusion form

        I’m not sure if heat would affect him. Megaman’s withstood intense tempatures in the past and Bass is superior in just about every way. Plus his cloak and barrier may protect him

  5. i expected a win bro.
    Wormy had that creepy, butterfly form and his speed, agility, and eyesight increased draumatically! it was enough to scare the likes of the Time traveling muscle man Spongebob lol.
    Wormy is the strongest being in media!

  6. shut up! you’ll see that wormy is the strongest being in media!
    sure… he cant block, nor shoot powerful lasers.. and he has no known abilities.. except for flight..
    he might not look the toughest.. or be a main character in anything…
    or have a power level greater than 0.001..
    whatever! hes the strongerest!

  7. Terminator vs Punisher.
    the one that Arnold S. played. not the liquid one.
    wormy vs caterpie.

  8. well wormy’s power alone coupled with his fierce appearance was able to scare Spongebob AND patrick AND their entire city! could Caterpie do that? nope. ๐Ÿ˜› harden and string shot is all he knows. except for tackle.

  9. i didnt forget.
    wormy’s dad is dactually that alaskin bull worm!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    alaskin bull worm (spongebob) vs grasshopper

    • Yeah, TOAA is pretty much meant to be Stan Lee. Kind of like an inside joke/parody. It’s pretty cool, Stan did make the Marvel Universe so it makes sense that he’s invincible

  10. This battle is still weird and funny to me. I still don’t know why Bass wins. I understand that Bass gets to beat any other character just because it’s a rule of this blog, but Dark Schneider has a power that specifically protects him from instant wins. Bass Has “Get Ability,” but he can’t use it, because Dark Schneider’s Spell, “Judas Priest,” specifically stops characters from doing that too. Bass Can’t use bugs, because of DS’s Insecticide shield, Darkness Overload makes DS more powerful, and Bass Can’t absorb DS, because of his Anti-assimilation shield. DS’s power is limitless as long as the Judas Pains are active. I think you should just call it a draw. I also think that Vash Vs Kenshin shoud be a draw, since they also can’t kill each other.

    Huh… There are old accepted battles on this page that never happened.

    • Bass’s Get Ability doesn’t necessarily make the match an instant win. It’s more of a guaranteed win, but he doesn’t have to finish the round in a single shot. Get Ability adds DS’s power onto Bass’s own, making him that much stronger. The Get Ability has been shown to adapt to any and everything. Not even the Ultimate Program could resist it for long, which is a pretty good feat. Both of these guys are S Rank fighters and out of the billions of characters out there, they’re in the top 100. (As far as I know, even higher, but new characters keep getting invented every year)

      I can see why you would call that one a draw, but why do you think Vash vs Kenshin would be a draw? Vash’s Angel Arm is Very powerful and one hit would definitely destroy Kenshin, but his durability isn’t that great. He has mild regeneration, but it’s not on the same level as DS or Bass. I think Kenshin’s main advantage is his speed. If he can get in close enough, then his sword will be able to finish the match. The Angel Arm isn’t great for close range combat and I don’t think that Vash will be able to dodge those attacks. Kenshin’s a master when it comes to swordplay.

      Good catch, I’d better get to work on those 3. Not sure how they slipped the vault. About the draws thing, I don’t really believe in draws. There should always be a winner, which is why I never do them. Even the closest match should have a slight edge that turns the tables

      • Vash vs Kenshin would be a draw, because they both absolutely refuse to kill anyone. They’re really not very violent. Vash would be like,” Love and Peace! Love and Peace!” Kenshin would be like,”I agree, that I do!”

      • Oh, well that’s true. Still in a friendly tournament, I could see them agreeing to spar. Plus, that would help Kenshin even more, since Vash would never risk hurting him too badly with the gun or angel arm and Kenshin can just attack with the blunt side of his blade. Still, Trigun was a pretty good show. (I loved the ending) And Kenshin was an amazing manga! (The fight scenes were epic)

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