Dark Schneider vs Cell

Dark Schneider is back and this time he’s up against Cell! Dark Schneider and Cell are both extremely powerful and have very impressive speed and abilities. I think Cell has the edge in this round though. His Solar Kamehameha is intense and so is his regenerative powers. Cell wins.

80 thoughts on “Dark Schneider vs Cell

  1. Cell could never destroy Dark Schneider on his Spiritual Plane. even if he did destroy him on his physical plane, he would come back, due to the other planes.
    Cell would have to be able to travel thru dimensions and endless worm holes just to get to a plane.
    Cell’s power is great, but i think Dark Schneider might have this one.

  2. Cell’s regenerative abilities are actually WORSE than Dark Schneider’s. Cell can regenerate completely as long as the nucleus in his head is intact. Dark schneider has regenerated from being just a severed head with a bit of spine, and he has also regenerated from having his head completely disintegrated, and it only took a second or so. Dark Schneider’s fire spells are also very intense, and I do not think that cell is more powerful in that respect at all.

    • Well..that’s the thing. Cell’s head has been completely blown up. Goku completely obliterated his top half with the kamehameha and he came back. I think Cell just underestimated his regenerative powers. Still, DS’s can’t be underestimated and his Fire Spells can do some pretty heavy damage. I still think Cell takes this one though. His Kamehamehas and teleporting may come in handy

      • Well, Regeneration is clearly not an advantage that cell has, anyway. DS’s signature spell is Venom, which summons either bacteria, or some kind of enzyme from hell that just… liquifies enemies from the inside. I think it would be a fitting end, since Cell is made of the cells of the strongest fighters of earth.
        When you mentioned the “solar” kamehameha it made me think DS was stronger since he can cast spells much hotter than the sun.

      • I’m not so sure about that. I’d still say that Cell’s regeneration is better. He’s had his upper half completely obliterated and even his whole body and he’s come back. Plus, due to his Saiyan cells, when he comes back. He gets even stronger! It was a pretty massive power boost that he got after the explosion, so that helps him as well.

        Well, Cell’s all about the cells so destroying them from the inside could be tough. As for the Solar Kamehameha, it’s a solar system buster which is extremely powerful and deadly. I’m not sure if DS could tank that one.

  3. I’m sure he could tank it. It would take more than a galaxy buster to kill DS. He could destroy the galaxy himself if he didn’t want to rule the earth and have that harem he’s talked about.
    DS could entrap cell in a pocket of space, and heat it to a million degrees celsius. I’m not sure that Cell could survive that.

    They can both regenerate from almost nothing. DS can regenerate from things in another plane of existence, though, and Cell just stays in there with a halo when he dies.

    • Well, the whole death part was never totally revealed, but it’s more plot hax than anything. Like how Goku went in to stop Bojack even though he was dead. It’s kind of an unspoken agreement that they won’t go and pwn. Like how Muu and Gero broke out of hell and all. I think Cell could easily break out, but he just doesn’t.

      As for trapping Cell, that would mean outspeeding him and all and I’m not sure he could do that. Cell’s extremely fast and could also teleport. Plus, Cell’s probably a better close quarters fighter thanks to Goku and Vegeta.

  4. Well of course he couldn’t. maybe once, or even twice. but after that DS is pretty much pwnage. not only can DS penetrate virtually any kind of protection, but he has thousands of shields that you have to physically destroy one by one to get to him. even then, your power would have to be able to destroy the person on 3 completely different planes of existence. Cell has never proven to be able to destroy matter in the other 2 planes, and he has never shown a great resistance to heat. Also, DS is massively FTL.

    • I dunno…this is Cell we’re talking about after all! I think he could outspeed is for enough time. The shields can be tough, but some good ole beam spamming should be able to do good. Plus, Cell’s kamehameha would really burn him! As for the FTl part…so is Cell 😛

      • Those shields are restored faster than they can be destroyed.
        Cell is a child to Dark Schneider and is in no way Faster. Also astral forms aren’t scarred by emotional pain. Spiritual, maybe, but Dark Schneider spent a really long time using Judas Pains, which should have destroyed his soul, but didn’t.

      • Maybe the shields are restored faster than they can be damaged against the opponents that DS has fought, but Cell should be able to do it. If he charges into DS, the barriers may not be able to stop Cell from unleashing a critical hit. I think he might be faster, but it would be close.

        Well, the Astral form is more metaphysical than physical and would probably take some damage as Cell is hitting the main body

      • Dark Schneider fought enemies much stronger and faster than Cell. In both hell, against Diano and other lords of hell, where he fought in an astral form that was not metaphysical, and and on earth, when he fought Fallen Uriel. Cell is insignificant by comparison in both speed and strength.

      • I’m not sure that I’d call Diano faster and stronger than Cell..she’s tough of course, but Cell is extremely powerful. One of the fastest beings in all of media for sure! Yeah, DS can fight in multiple places at once, but Astral form is pretty much a person’s psyche, willpower, or aura, depending on the series. It’s not something that is unbreakable by material abilities. I think Cell could still be able to hurt it via Kamehameha or a clone/aura thing of his own

  5. so they are equal in speed, but DS possesses power over dimensions and barriers of space and time. sure Cell can spam, but DS is sure enough going to do something about it! if he were to destroy one shield, DS would simply trap him and cook em up with no way of getting out.
    DS has been shown to tank extremely horrifying hits and he is known to have an outstanding defense against all enemies he encounters. also his hand to hand is excellent, at thousands of hits per second.

    • Well, Cell can keep zooming around while breaking the barriers and belting DS. DS has some pretty incredibly regen abilities, but a Solar Kamehameha should help take care of that

  6. he has shown to regenerate from his head, body, and even nothing. a solar kamehameha is good for the physical plane, but it cannot reach the other 2 planes needed to destroy DS. for someone to beat him, he would need to out power, speed, smart, and out defend him, AND be able to reach the other 2 non-physical planes. Cell just cant do that, no matter how physically strong he is.

    • Unless he destroys DS enough that it mentally scars him which would take care of him in the spiritual plane as well 😎 This is Cell we’re talking about after all!

  7. well you do have an excellent point there. Cell could completely destroy him after destroying the barriers, and make it to where he thinks he has no chance, in which would damage his spiritual plane. not completely destroy it, but yes it would make a pretty big scar. that is, IF, Cell could escape DS and his ability to trap enemies in space.
    but even then, how could he even reach the 3rd plane? there is no link to the physical plane and the 3rd one.

    • I think he can. Plus, Cell could just break out of whatever trap he’s place in. As for the 3rd plane, DS would just come back for more on the other 2 planes and keep getting blown away until the 3rd goes out as well. Yeah, it’s a good fight!

  8. nah.. that logic is miscalculated.
    thats like saying “destroying these 2 buildings that are very close together will eventually cause the building on the other side of the universe to crumble.”
    Cell hasnt ever escaped a pocket of space; in other words, he hasnt proven to be able to break a dimension. sure he’s powerful, maybe (max) SSJ2. with kioken 5. but no SSJ2 has ever destroyed a dimension.

    • Well, how I see it, the 3 plains of existence still exist. It’s more metaphysical than anything. So, while Cell’s destroying DS in the real world, and his spirit is being broken in the spirit world, Cell’s also fighting him in the other world. It’s like how Korvac fought Starwatcher on 3 plains of existence at once. So, in a way, Cell is already beating him there.

      Dimension Busting isn’t so tough. It may even be easier than Planet Busting to be honest. It’s close though, but I think Cell could so it pretty easily

  9. Dimension busting is so much harder then planet busting. The power difference is just too much. and there is still no way cell can travel into the last plane. he canot reach it, and even then he would have to deal with DS’s tremendous speed and hand to hand combat, not to meantion his absolute power.

    • I’m not totally sure about that to be honest. I’ve never found dimension busting to be that tough. Yeah, DS is a pretty incredible fighter, so the fight will be pretty cool for sure!

      • True, but dimension busting has always seemed easier to me than planet busting. So, while Cell might not be able to rip the dimension with a yell like Gotenks, he probably could with a Kamehameha

  10. Gemini Saga can rip dimensions open with no effort and he can crush planets with no effort at all too.
    just because you are an easy planet buster doesnt mean you can bust a dimension. if you have never done it, then it’s not easy.

    • I dunno, I’d say that planet busting is still a tougher fear than dimension ripping. The dimensions were made to be ripped and all! Getting stuck inside one would be pretty awful for the characters tho!

  11. lol that’s like saying they were buildings made for demolishing. yes, getting stuck inside one would be horrible.
    hey, off topic, I’m making a web page for my High School Theater Organization page. can you check it out and tell me what you think? or something that it needs? (im not in theater)

  12. thanks.
    and maybe Cell can dimension bust, but he can’t travel through them. he wouldnt be able to find DS, and while he is searching, blowing up holes in random dimensions, DS is watching him, laughing. trapping him in a trillion degree Celsius pocket every half second.

    • Link didn’t work? What’s the basic website? Then I can get to the page from there.

      Cell’s too fast for the Hot Pockets plus he can move at incredible speeds. He could probably find DS through ki

  13. too fast? DS is smart enough to watch his movements and calculate where he would be, then rip a dimension several galaxies long open, then suck him in.
    he might be able to find him, but the thousands of dimensions between DS and Cell would be a problem

    • Does the site have a name?

      DS can watch him, but Cell is too fast. He wouldn’t be able to catch him. Also, Cell has all day anyway, eventually they’d find each other and things would get real!

  14. I am irritated. Dark Schneider is more powerful than everyone from Dragon Ball Z, except for Vegeta. People on all other sites in which DS is pitted against Dragon ball Z characters agree that DS is superior. Specifically, I do not think that people in Dragon Ball Z move faster than light as you say that Cell does. Most people do not think so. Why do you?

    • Yeah… those “other people” and I have debated quite a lot across the various debating sites. In the end, we never see eye to eye. It’s just how it goes I suppose. Of course some of those honestly think Bugs Bunny could solo DBZ so……….yeah, toonpower means nothing to me!

      As for the whole faster than light thing, I’d say that Raditz already was, and Cell is much faster than him by a couple thousand/million times. They never said that Goku was faster than light which is why everyone on the other sites always cry foul. When you start to get too technical you start missing out on everything. So, in the end it’s just one of those things that I have always known. Like how I know Cell is a Solar System Buster. No “hyperbole” or anything like that. He is a Solar System Buster and that’s a fact.

      No worries, just have Dark Schneider fight someone a bit less tough and I’m sure he’ll probably take the win and rise up the ranks 🙂

      • Raditz appeared at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z. It directly followed Dragon Ball, where nobody was close to that fast. If Raditz was that fast, then nobody would have had any kind of chance against him. Piccolo said he must be faster than light to dodge the special beam cannon, but Raditz had been looking at Piccolo’s energy with his scouter, and so he had a lot of advance notice, and he was still not able to avoid it completely. If you think that Raditz was faster than light, then you are a crazy person.

      • It followed Dragon Ball, but make no mistake, the characters had definitely gotten stronger! Piccolo and Goku are always training and are much stronger than their Dragon Ball days. It only seems crazy because you never considered the other characters to be close to that fast, when they actually were. Piccolo and Goku were already around FTL speeds at that point. As for the whole crazy thing…well a lot of people think I am so one more can’t hurt 😛

      • It’s factual that Cell is a Solar system buster, but it is also a fact that Dark Schneider is a galaxy buster. It was clearly stated by angels, and they don’t lie.

      • True, DS is a Galaxy Buster. The thing is…I’m pretty sure Cell’s Solar Kamehameha would be able to match DS’s galaxy busting beam

      • Seraphs From Bastard were thousands of times faster than light, like you said Cell is, but DS moves so quickly, that the Seraphs cannot react to him.

      • Well…2 things about that.

        First did they just say they were thousands of times faster than light and all, or did they actually prove it and start fighting? Because it’s like how the One Above All’s speed is limitless and whatnot, but he’s never used it, so I actually think he’s slower than Me when I’m trotting.

        2, assuming that they were. Well, I guess in the end they weren’t fast enough to stop DS, but I still think Cell is. It just means that I think Cell would beat those guys all the more easier

      • I agree that when characters mention the speed of light, they can exaggerate.
        One of the Sorcerer Shoguns uses a move that’s the “speed of light sword attack,” and the narrator says that that was an exaggeration, and wasn’t really the speed of light.

        This is the page that first said that Seraphs were faster than light. The narrator says so, not the seraphs themselves. http://www.mangahere.com/manga/bastard/c092/36.html

        They did demonstrate their speed. Uriel went from the black abyss to earth sometime in the four year time skip. The Black abyss is 28,000 light years away. 28,000 divided by 4 is 7000. So, they’re at LEAST 7,000 times faster than light.

        This is the page with the distance. http://www.mangahere.com/manga/bastard/c097/10.html

        This is the page with Michael’s exclaimation.

        He’s not even using the Judas Pains yet. When he activates those, he gets like, a million times more powerful. I think I showed you that elsewhere, though.

        Can you show me where Cell’s speed is described to be faster than light now? You can’t just say you think so. Well you can, but I’m asking you not to.

      • Yeah, it’s sad when characters exaggerate about their abilities, but pretty realistic sometimes. Because in real life people definitely do though. Still, I don’t think Piccolo was exaggerating about that. Of course it would have been unintentional, but I’ve always considered Raditz to be faster than light. Roshi was a casual bullet timer, which is the speed of sound. Of course he was far greater than the speed of sound. There is a Huge different between sound and light speed, but likewise there was a big difference between Raditz and Roshi.

        But like for travelling…Sailor Moon’s a good example. She can “technically” travel faster than light because she reached the moon in a second or something, but in combat she gets hit by some of the slowest attacks of all time. I consider her to be around Batman level strength which is pretty sad for her. Especially since a lot of people think she could beat Goku.

        So, those guys are definitely pretty fast. They could take down many guys, but I’d still say that Cell has this speedwise. Here are some scenes of his speed.

        Well, let’s start it off with this page


        He’s keeping up with FPSSJ Goku. Goku and him are both fighting at maybe 30-50% power. Goku’s fighting at around 50% I believe, but Cell is fighting at considerably less if I remember correctly. Following the Raditz is faster than light logic, then Nappa is 9X FTL, Frieza is 1 millionX FTL, Goku is a Lot stronger/faster than Frieza at this point. Cell’s speed is nearly incalcuable.

        Then during the fight Goku admits that he wasn’t going all out and power up again


        His power is even greater than they had suspected. From here they both keep fighting and Cell continues to pwn.

        Cell powering up again


        Again, his power shocks them all.

        Cell speedblitzing Goku


        Cell finally at full power!


        Then Cell’s massive SSJ2 power boost!


        I’d say his speed is pretty much incalcuable

      • I don’t like comment that was posted because there is a typo, and I didn’t mention that DS hadn’t activated the Judas Pains, and I didn’t ask about Cell. So yeah, you could delete the current comment, and allow a better one with links. Thanks.

        The Seraphs indeed showed great strength. Uriel’s attack was said to be able to destroy a star, and Michael’s attack was said to rival a super nova. Uriel threw his weapon really hard and “fast” into Konron’s chest, and Michael’s attack may have opened up a doorway to hell.
        They weren’t working so well against Konron at the time because of his void howling, though. Oh well.

        After Uriel “fell,” He did end up fighting DS, and they exchanged millions of blows per second.

        I think that Roshi’s fighting ability/ power level was like, 120 or 140, and Raditz’s was 1500. So I think that Raditz was maybe ten times the speed of sound at the most, therefore, I consider Cell to be insanely Hypersonic, but sub-light nonetheless.

      • Sure, I’ll go and delete that one.

        Well, they’re attacks were said to do those things, but aside from Uriel…did the others actually get to do anything like that?

        Konron sounds tough as well based on that though.

        Well, Roshi was the guy who was easily Speed of Sound. And Raditz was like 10X faster, but Roshi was probably already 10-50X speed of sound. So, for Raditz…..yeah, a lot of speed there. Frieza is about a 100,000X stronger than Raditz and who knows how much stronger Cell was. Maybe 10-100X. I’d say that he seems to be speed of light

      • Konron, or Conlon, wasn’t so tough. He was like, level 13,000, but he was cheating with technology. He had Uriel’s sister, Amrael, inside of him vibrating at frequencies to negate other holy powers. including regeneration.

        The other’s didn’t do a lot of fighting. They each did one flashy attack to Conlon(Cosmic .44 Magnum! Jet to Jet Uppercut! Angel sword of the Divine King! Victory Rainbow Rising! ), then Uriel and DS got pissed off at each other about things, and started a high speed fight that Raphael stopped. Raphael was fast enough to grab both of their arms. That was before Uriel’s Fall, and DS’s Powerup, though.

        I’ve found that Piccolo only ever said the speed of light thing in the Funimation Dub.
        I’m certain now that the only things that went faster than light in Dragon Ball Z were space ships and Instant Transmissions.
        You wanted to be sure that seraphs didn’t just “say” they were faster than light, but you also believed that Piccolo wasn’t exaggerating when he just “said” so. That seems hypocritical.

      • Yeah, like stopping the blog counts as a good speed feat.

        Well, here’s the deal. Piccolo said it and then Raditz went about pwning them. So, then we see his speed. But if the Seraph said they were fast, but they never showed it onscreen…well that wouldn’t help. It’s also partially due to the blog’s only seen rule. Like if a guy says that he can do anything and shoot Kamehamehas and stuff, but never does…it’s not counted on the blog. Only shown abilities are counted. Other rules here


        Also, for the spaceship thing, there was one debate about it a while back and someone said something like how King Kai was able to follow the spaceship’s path with his eyes, but for a second he claimed that he couldn’t see Goku. Which, if the ship is FTL, then Goku is also FTL (faster than light) Of course, I can’t verify that because I haven’t watched the show in a long time.

        So, those guys seem pretty fast, but I think Cell has the edge

      • I remain unconvinced. Cell can be millions of times more powerful than Raditz, or Roshi, but I still don’t think He’s light speed. You can connect a million locomotives together, and they would be a million times more powerful than one locomotive, but not a million times faster. So just comparing relative strengths is insufficient.

        Also, in regards to the spaceship, in that same debate it’s said that it is easier to track something going on a specific course than it is to track something moving erratically. It’s easy to track something moving in a straight line at a constant velocity, than something moving in random directions, even if it is slower.

        Cell has no edge in speed, or power, or regeneration.

      • Yeah, it was never proven if ki = power or everything. I think it’s everything because then, how can guys like Hirudegarn keep up with guys like Goku? (Plot hax, but aside from that) Whenever power levels go up, they always speedblitz the guys with less power. So, I’d say that’s proof enough.

        Yeah, that theory sounds good, but I’d say the author/anime was already implying that Goku was stronger. Do you expect an author to think that so thoroughly? Like with Gotenks speed feat that was counted to be only about hypersonic because it took him 2 seconds. The author was showing us that he was faster than light, but then everyone had too look at it too hard. Or like all of those blasts that should have destroyed the earth. They could have, but it wouldn’t be as fun. So, all that destruction that DS was doing, I think Cell could do that as well. The author just didn’t bother showing us

        I’d say Cell’s still got the edges in those 3 categories.

    • I do not understand. Why do you think that a solar system busting move would match a galaxy busting move? It seems to me that DS is on a whole other level than Cell, a higher level.

      • Because it’s not like Cell’s blast was just a solar system buster. He could bust it, but he could also bust a lot more. Galaxy Busting is impressive and all, but I think the Kamehameha could block it. It’s like how Bass’s Earth Breaker is only considered a planet buster, that doesn’t mean that it’s not much more. I personally think it’s a Galaxy Buster. They just don’t say what the upper limits are.

        DS and Cell are definitely on pretty high levels

      • I am convinced that DS would win this fight very easily. I don’t know why you disagree.
        Cell is not a Higher up, so why do you exaggerate his skill so?

      • DS is a good fighter, but I doubt he would win, much less easily. Cell Is a higher up. Casual Solar System buster and massively faster than light. I don’t exaggerate his skills…I just tell it like it is. DS is still tough though and you could always give him a win pretty easily. He has other request fights like this one in the vault though. So he’ll be back

      • Oh, yeah, he’s not a High Above so I don’t grant him any special privileges or anything. So, anything that I’ve said about him powerwise is what I believe his abilities to be.

  15. lol frieza is only 1 mil. x speed of light? Gemini is 39 trillionx speed of light.
    lol! thats really, really funny.now, Gemini could whip Frieza just out of pure speed.
    but yeah, DS is so much stronger then Cell its unbelievable. just as Gemini is so much stronger then Cell too. Gemini is one of the only characters that can destroy matter on all 3 planes, giving him the ability to beat DS.
    but yeah, DS is just too much for Cell. Dark Schneider wins.

    • Frieza as being 1mil X speed is only lowballing it of course. If we went really into it, his speed could be even greater! 😛

      I think Cell could take those 2 down. Both of them at once against Cell would be tough though…it’d be a fun fight to watch!

  16. I am confused. On the one hand, you say that every ability has to be shown to be considered. On the other hand, when the abilities of DBZ characters are discussed, you say things like, “It could really be even greater, that’s lowballing it,” or “Cell’s Kamehameha could probably also destroy a galaxy.”

    Anyway. I’ve said all I can say on the subject. If you say that you are not showing favoritism, and still think that Cell wins, then I believe you.
    I don’t want to post fight requests for Dark Schneider to get his ranking up, because I don’t care about his ranking. I just care about accurate portrayals of characters.

    • Well by shown, I mean that say..if Goku says that he has ice powers, but never uses it, then I won’t believe him. But if Naruto says that he’s only a solar system buster, but shows enough power to be a galaxy buster. Then I still think he could be one. Link is a big character in this. He never really gets to show off his speed or power in the games, but you can tell that he’s a bit faster/stronger than he usually appears.

      Ah, okay 🙂 Well, it’s been a fun talk and yeah, in the end a character’s portrayal is definitely more important than their ranking.

      • Frieza has never been shown to go FTL, let alone 1 million x greater. Naruto is no where near a galaxy buster, just saying.
        and Link was able to control time and out strengh many Godzilla Sized Bosses. in fact he was able to completely lift a giant titanium bolder bigger then a sky scraper with his hands. then throw it back a few hundred feet. he shows people that he has the power of Gods with his mask and he was able to show tremendous speeds and reflexes. even those that hit Link, he was able to tank the toughest of hits. he has shown well enough that he can handle many opponents.
        Link vs Arbiter
        btw, the Arbiter and master chief have both duel wielded Scarab guns. which, are basically each a tiny kamehameha that destroys anything in the game.

      • Well, Naruto was hypothetical, but he’s at least a planet buster I’d say. As for Frieza…in his fight against Goku he was moving at massively FTL speeds.

        By Arbiter, do you mean the current one, Vadam? Or like a generic one, I thought they were minions, but on the wiki most of them seem to have named. Yeah, Link’s ultimately powerful as well so this should be a good fight

      • Link is ultimately powerful? Which one? Most of them are different characters with the same name. You need to always specify. The one From the Adventure of Link had brown hair, and the one from Wind waker was tiny.

      • Ocarina of Time version. Of course not Ultimately Powerful in a totally literal sense, but that he’s incredibly tough. Wind Waker Link was pretty awesome though. I never did like Adventure of Link one much. He reminded me of the TV show one 😎

  17. this is pretty epic now that i think of it. Link’s Hyrule Shield alone was able to defend against most brute and element attacks. such as the Dragon in Death Mountain from Ocarina Of Time. he also has his Mirror shield, which reflects back 99% of light and 50% of power. it has never shown to be destructible, but im sure a couple thousand hits from the Megaton hammer should put a nice dent in it.
    naru’s love, din’s fire, and Farore’s wind give him the power of a mega volcano, the defense of a titanium Castle, and the ability to teleport. Link’s God form should also help do the trick due to the newly gained size advantage and long range sword energy swings.
    then on the other hand
    Vadam has had many years of experience and has some pretty cool weapons. Vadam could simply snipe with a Beam Rifle from hundreds of yards away. also i would favor The Gravity hammer over the Megaton hammer due to the size and power advantage. Link’s Master sword is indestructible, therefore it cannot be cut by an energy sword swipe. a huge advantage the Arbiter has would be all the vehicles he has. from the Mongoose to a Prowler, to Wraiths and Scorpions, all the way to Pelicans and Phantoms, and even a Giant cannon in the sky!
    this one has to be close. I guess this close of a match would almost have to rely on luck.
    personally i favor Link tho 🙂

    • Yeah, it’s definitely gonna be a close fight! This could be one of the most epic matches that you’ve requested so far! Well, things should get real very fast! Of course Link’s Light Arrows should also be pretty intense, but those weapons of Vadam are pretty impressive. This will be a fight for the record books 😎

  18. I agree it will be completely epic. Link has his fire, ice, and light arrows, which can do massive damage. i dont think that the light arrows will be as effective as the other 2 because, they are just normal arrows that do massive damage to evil beings. but from the Magical invincible armor to the Biggoron’s Sword, and to the Megaton hammer and plenty of masks and fairies, Link is very well equipped. Link has the superior bodily equipment and weapons.
    Vadam, on the other hand, has driven a Scarab, an inpenetrable moving fortress. he has also flown in a giant covanent space ship. Vadam is superior in environments and has the bodily size and strengh advantage. Vadam has been in so many fights and has even been in the legendary Golden Elite armor.
    ooh! heres one.
    Hunter (halo) vs Ice WarDroid (star wars: force unleashed II)

    • I found the hunter but I couldn’t find the ice WarDroid. I saw a Carbonite WarDroid or something like that. Think he could be the one you mean?

      Yeah, the fight will be close. Vadam definitely has better vehicles at his disposal, while I’d say that Link has better weapons. They both have a lot of battle experience as well. I think the light arrows would still do pretty good. It’s like firing an energy blast in the form of an arrow

      • yeah light arrows are powerful.
        and yes i mean Carbonite WarDroid.
        one of the biggest problems Link will have is Vadam’s duel wield Scarab Guns. those will tear up a Scorpion tank in a split second! not to mention any other vehicle or organism.

      • Carbonite WarDroid vs Hunter (Halo) Accepted!

        Yeah, Link will have a tough time trying to dodge those! It’s definitely gonna be a fight to remember

  19. mmhmm. at first i thought for sure CWD(Carbonite War Droid) would win for sure due to the size advantage. but then i remembered that a Hunter has superior speed and can run almost as fast as a warthog! not to meantion their giant lasers and shield/sword arms. that can do massice trauma to any kind of shield. Hunters aren’t effected by many drastic temperatures, their armor was built to protect against bullets and temp. even if the War Droid hit a hunter, it would do little to no damage due to the fact you gotta aim precisely at their orange spots on their body.
    and on Legendary, it takes more then 20 hits from a powerful Gravity hammer to kill one hunter. by then, it would of killed the attacker due to reflexes and superior hand to hand combat.
    my vote is for the Hunter 🙂

    • Yeah, it sounds like the Hunter could have this match! The WarDroid better have some extremely powerful attacks up his sleeve or he’s toast! I guess Hunter could be getting his first win! 😀

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