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Guyver vs Groot

Suggested by Anonymous Guyver has returned once more to claim another victim. Groot is a strong tree who has a lot of fans, but at the end of the day I don’t think there will be a whole lot that he can do against Guyver. Guyver’s got a cool suit of armor and a vast amount of strength. Groot isn’t particularly fast so he won’t be able to dodge any of the incoming attacks. Without any super durability to protect himself the fight is over for Groot before it has even begun. Guyver wins.

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Groot vs Rocket Raccoon

This match could get a little controversial since I believe that Rocket Raccoon has the makings of a winner in this round. Groot is pretty strong..I won’t deny it. That being said, he is just too slow to hit Rocket Raccoon. Rocket Raccoon has his energy guns and he can just run around Groot for a while. Groot’s healing factor won’t present much of a problem when compared to Rocket’s ammo. Rocket Raccoon wins.

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Groot vs Thanos

Groot may be a pretty powerful tree, but he’s no match for Thanos. Thanos is physically superior to Groot no matter what the comics may try to imply. Thanos could crush him or use a giant laser to disintegrate Groot. Groot’s healing factor isn’t bad, but it’s simply not good enough to keep him in the fight forever. Thanos wins.