Mujin Park vs Ragna (Crimson)

Ragna is a super powerful fighter but even he will be outmatched against Mujin Park. Now here’s a guy who is a master manipulator who also obtained absolutely insane abilities. His sheer power is many leagues above Ragna’s and I don’t see that changing. All of Ragna’s attacks would be unable to get past Mujin’s immensely powerful barriers. They would just be too much for him. Mujin Park wins.

Mujin Park vs Lavi

Suggested by Sonic Mujin Park is a being who can easily shatter planets and the star system if he wants to. Lavi has a hammer at the ready but it won’t be doing much of anything here. His strongest attacks would deal no damage and his speed isn’t quite enough to even see Mujin at this point. He would see the hopeless of the situation and will ultimately fall. Mujin Park wins.

Mandeok Sang vs Mujin Park

Mandeok Sang and Mujin Park really don’t get along. Pretty much any scene with one of them in it will guarantee that insults are being thrown. They’ve had a lot of great matches over the years but ultimately I would have to say that Mujin should definitely have the edge here. The guy has a higher ceiling and just has more abilities that he can throw at Mandeok. Mujin Park wins.

Mujin Park vs Bass

Mujin Park is a pretty big member of the GOH cast. The guy has big plans for the world and ultimately wants to be on top of it. With his abilities by the end of the series there are few who can match him so who better to take him on than Bass? Bass is the ultimate god slayer, a being above all others who would dare oppose him. Bass’ Darkness Overload attack would quickly take Mujin to the cleaners. His speed isn’t nearly enough to stop the Overlord of Darkness! Bass wins.