Mujin Park vs Ragna (Crimson)

Ragna is a super powerful fighter but even he will be outmatched against Mujin Park. Now here’s a guy who is a master manipulator who also obtained absolutely insane abilities. His sheer power is many leagues above Ragna’s and I don’t see that changing. All of Ragna’s attacks would be unable to get past Mujin’s immensely powerful barriers. They would just be too much for him. Mujin Park wins.

Shibuya Aoi vs Ragna (Crimson)

Shibuya may do his best to protect Anzu in his series but the guy lacks drive and often deals with confidence issues. Ragna has been through much more difficult circumstances and always goes out swinging. He has true determination and has grown stronger due to his efforts. There’s no way Shibuya would be able to hold his own here and so ultimately he would definitely be going down real quick. Ragna (Crimson) wins.