Coeval vs Naruto

Naruto Nine Tails Chakra Mode-animeipics
This is a tribute to Naruto The Last! Naruto has proven that he has what it takes to defend the Village Hidden in The Leaves. I don’t think Coeval would last very long if he had to put up with some of the threats that Naruto has faced. Naruto is simply the more skilled fighter and a good punch could end this fight in an instant. Coeval just wouldn’t be able to keep up! Naruto wins.

Naruto vs Buu

This is a tribute to Road to Ninja. Naruto seemed to have forgotten his character development as he lamented the loss of his parents and he couldn’t take down the villains when the going got tough. This wasn’t the Naruto that I was used to seeing so he couldn’t win this tribute. Buu would have no trouble speedblitzing Naruto all day until he won the match. A simple blast would end the planet and that would put Naruto in a pretty tough spot. Naruto can’t keep up with Buu’s speed or strength so he’s effectively doomed. Buu wins.

Naruto vs Bass

This is a tribute to the OVA where Naruto fought Konohamaru and he didn’t look quite as good here. He had a pretty good start, but the ending made him look bad. (Assuming that they told him the rules in the first place) It was bad enough for him to get matched up against Bass here and that always means certain defeat. Naruto will have to hope he rebounds in the next film to keep his tribute W/L record up. Bass wins.

Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon vs Naruto

Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon makes his debut with this round, but he’s outmatched against Naruto. This serves as a tribute to Blood Prison as well. Naruto looked pretty good there so it’s no surprise that he will be getting a quick win here. Tachyon Dragon is pretty huge, but Naruto has faced giants in the past and he always comes out on top. Sage Mode should lead him to victory! Naruto wins.

Madara vs Naruto

This is definitely a very tough match. Both fighters have proven that they are exceptionally skilled in hand to hand combat as well as fighting at long range. I would say that Madara is ever so slightly faster than Naruto, but Naruto has been shown to have more explosive techniques at his disposal. Choosing one fighter over the other is tricky and they are both more or less at the same level. I would ultimately choose but it is a choice that could change depending on what happens. For now, I must go with the Uchiha! Madara wins.

Silver Surfer vs Naruto

Silver Surfer is powerful and he’s one of Marvel’s heavy hitters. He can move at speeds that would make Sonic proud and his Power Cosmic is nothing to sneeze at. That being said, Naruto has Sage Mode so he should be able to win this round pretty easily. In Sage Mode, his power and speed surpass Silver Surfer’s and he can also turn the herald into a toad, which would severely weaken him. Naruto wins.

Quest vs Naruto

Naruto is ready to rumble and he’s up against Quest! Quest may be a pretty tough guy when it all comes down to it, but can he defeat the mighty shinobi!? Naruto can use Sage Mode, which amplifies his strength and speed. Quest is just out of his league in this round. Naruto won’t be stopped so easily! Naruto wins.

Norman Bates vs Naruto
Norman Bates is back for a loss once again. Naruto is far superior to Norman in terms of attack power and speed. He’s also cooler than Norman in every category under the sun so it is safe to say that Norman is doomed. He won’t be able to compete with Naruto and he will be blown away. He just didn’t stand a chance! Naruto wins.

Captain Kirk vs Naruto

This is a tribute to Naruto Shippuden The Lost Tower! Naruto was pretty fierce in this movie and he showed us what a true main character can do against an immortal opponent. Captain Kirk would have turned tail and ran away during the opening sequence and he’s completely out of his league in this round. There’s no way that he can defeat Naruto. Naruto wins.

Superman vs Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk has been losing a lot today and it doesn’t seem like that will be stopping! Superman is vastly superior to Captain Kirk in all areas and there’s no attack in Kirk’s arsenal that is capable of hurting Superman. We’re just going to have to accept the fact that Kirk is out of his league in this round. Superman wins.