Giorno Giovanna vs Naruto

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Suggested by Random Giorno Giovanna has returned, but this match will be a little too much for him. His Gold Stand gives him a good amount of speed and power and this is amped up even further with Requiem. However, he still can’t match Naruto physically. His other ability is that he can reduce Naruto’s motivation and also cancel out attacks for a time, but he won’t be able to keep it up long enough to stop Naruto. Giorno just won’t be able to get around the fact that he isn’t fast enough to stop this Shinobi. Once Naruto starts landing hits it will all be over. Naruto wins.

7 thoughts on “Giorno Giovanna vs Naruto

  1. Fake. GER doesn’t demotivate you, it nullifies cause and effect as a concept at a universal scale (it beat King Crimson and at the very least is world scale as Araki mentioned it in an interview). GER just needs to hit him once and his life and death will be nullified so he dies as life is nullified only for death to be nullified and comes back to life and then dies again on endless repeat. Lots of other things can be nullified and brought to zero like his normal chakra, sage and kyuubi chakra leaving him practically defenceless. He could try to get sage chakra from around him but there’s still a window where he’s defenceless and GER will leave him in the infinite death loop.

    Speedblitzing isn’t easy as Giorno defends by giving life to his surroundings e.g. making trees which spawn at low Tenzo level but have karmic effects (attacks at objects given life are reflected back at attacker). Giorno can even heal with regular Gold Experience so any damage can be fixed when Naruto is incapacitated.

    There is no beating Giorno unless you outhax him like Eyes of Heaven DIO who rewrites reality. The level of hax JoJo uses is impossible to overcome in normal anime.

    Next time try reading JoJo before sprouting BS, Narutard.

  2. Giorno solos the verse due to NONE of them having acasual abilities nor reality manipulation. The greatest thing ever done in the naruto verse is the most common thing in the jojo verse. Time manipulation. No one has even had acasual abilities not even kaguya at her strongest state with tsukuyomi can beat him

      • Physical feats don’t matter against Giorno, No matter how strong someone is they cant hurt Giorno when he can just return everything to zero. and besides,The only time he was defeated was agiants heaven ascension Dio. He and his stand are non canon and his stand the world over heaven could rewrite reality, in which no Naruto character can do. Giorno’s return to zero cant be stopped by any character from Naruto and no matter how fast or strong they may be. Besides for the small details naruto cant hurt ger anyway so a close up attack is pointless, but theres no need to truly point that out since every attempt naruto would take agiants attacking giorno would be pointless.

      • The whole resetting to 0 has its limits though. I don’t think Giorno is going to be able to reset Naruto’s attacks. Naruto’s power rocks the very heavens and he even shattered a large chunk of the Moon. Giorno can buy time but that’s about it

      • You’re going to have to detail these limits Dreager. GER’s ability is literally to revert all actions and abilities done. How do Naruto’s powers fall outside what would be considered an action or ability? I don’t want to get into a No Limits Fallacy, but when the pretty much every single description of the Stand says that it straight up negates all attacks against GER and Giorno, there’s not a lot of limits to it.

        And to be as methodical as I can even though I haven’t watched Naruto I want you to explain how any of these abilities don’t count as actions that can be negated.

        Any of the Jinchūriki or Nature Transformations
        Any Ninjutsu attacks
        Shadow Clones
        Rasengan and any of its varients
        Any other attacks, even ones enhanced by Senjutsu mastery

        You’ve got to start there if you want to convince anyone that Naruto doesn’t get boned by GER’s ability.

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