Sonic vs Naruto

Suggested by Destroyer Sonic is extremely fast which makes all matches with him rather difficult. While he doesn’t have the raw power that a typical Shonen Jump lead has, he can still match them thanks to his speed. Well, Naruto’s also very fast and should be able to react to Sonic’s attacks. Throw in the fact that he hits a lot harder and I think you can make a legitimate argument for him winning this round. Naruto will be able to eventually overwhelm Sonic, but it’ll be a tough fight. Naruto wins.

13 thoughts on “Sonic vs Naruto

  1. Which Sonic are we seeing in this fight? I noticed that the picture is from a game, (Adventure I guess) so does that mean all other versions are not in use?

    • It’s composite Sonic so he gets his strongest forms/feats throughout the franchise. I definitely enjoyed the Adventure style the most design-wise though even if it’s far from his strongest incarnation.

      • So we’re using all forms Sonic has used throughtout the franchise? Excellent! In that case, Sonic will use his Ultra form from the Archie comics and simply reduce Naruto to a bunch of random matter, or turn Naruto into whatever comes to his mind.

  2. I need a little more information to be convinced that Naruto is truly stronger or faster than the blue blur himself. I know a fair amount of what he can do with his clones, how he can use Chakra to increase his physical stats, not to mention his power to shapeshift into anything, ect…

    All of that being said, I’m not convinced that he has what it takes to bring down Sonic, even with his Tailed Beast Mode, or Sixth Paths Sage Mode.

    • Well as far as speed goes, Naruto was able to react to and dodge attacks from the old Raikage, considered to be one of the fastest ninja of all time. He’s been shown to react to light speed techniques and was moving so quickly that he became a blur. 6 Paths Sage Mode will definitely be Naruto’s bread and butter here and I think it should be enough to take down Sonic. Sonic’s certainly mega powerful and fast in his Super Sonic form which should make this a clean fight, but I don’t think he can match up to Naruto’s array of jutsu

  3. Maybe Naruto has Sonic out-matched in quantity, but Sonic more than makes up for in quality. Sonic has been shown to be on the same level as planet level threats before, such as Chaos, Zavok, Ect. Not to mention UNIVERSE LEVEL threats, otherwise known as the Time Eater, which he fought with his past self and both were in their Super forms. From the top of my head, I cannot remember a single Naruto villain who was a threat to time itself by simply existing.

    • I wouldn’t say any of the villains that you mentioned there were all that tough though. Time Eater and Zavok in particular could be pretty easily handled. Still, Sonic has fought a bunch of very crazy enemies like Solaris and Enerjak, but for the most part those opponents didn’t have the level of raw power and speed that Naruto’s had. Naruto was able to take on Madara which is no small feat. His immunity to genjutsu aside, Naruto had to really fight blow for blow against Madara and he succeeded. It shows how well he can deal with a high speed assault.

      • I mentioned in my comment that the Time Eater was a threat to everything by distorting time and making various portals appear, which both Sonic(s) had to close. I agree with entirely on saying that he’s fought far stronger foes, like Enerjak.
        On to the other part:
        Madara was a powerful foe, true, but he’s not even close to Enerjak, and just because he is immune to Genjutsu does not mean that Naruto has enough power to beat Sonic. Naruto proved he was strong enough to beat Madara, but Sonic is still at a much, MUCH, higher level.

  4. Another thing, what’s to stop Sonic from, say, throwing Naruto INTO SPACE? Can he survive reentry? Probably, but I imagine he’ll sustain quite a bit of damage.

    • I think it’d be tough to grab Naruto and throw him like that without the ninja reacting to it. Sonic would have to be willing to take a close range Rasengan to the face and that would deal a ton of damage which could even potentially knock him out.

  5. I’m not even sure Naruto could withstand an attack or two from Sonic, let alone an extended battle, in which case Sonic would probably win due to higher stamina.

    • Sonic is certainly really strong, but Naruto’s durability is unreal. Just getting past his chakra aura would be very difficult. I think Sonic would need all of his power to get through that and Naruto won’t have as much difficulty landing damage

      • Sonic has taken blows from beings as powerful as Enerjak and Mammoth Mogul, and I’d ssy Naruto is nowhere near their level of power.

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