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Yugi vs Sauron (LOTR)

Suggested by IKnowledge Yugi is a very skilled duelist. While he may have started out in TYami Yugi’s shadow, he eventually mastered the art of dueling as well. He has access to the three Egyptian God Cards and a lot of other monsters are at his disposal as well. Considering that Sauron had trouble with a single warrior, I don’t believe he could stand up to Yugi’s onslaught. That’s not even taking the spell and trap cards into consideration. Sauron is certainly not fast enough to dodge either so he has no choice but to lose! Yugi wins.

9 thoughts on “Yugi vs Sauron (LOTR)”

  1. The other one should be called “Sauron (Marvel), seeing as how the one from Lord of the Rings is the original, the better known character and the one the Marvel one is named after

    1. That’s true, but I’ve typically done it by whichever character came to the blog first. Granted, there are exceptions to that and switching them wouldn’t be too much work. I suppose I can make the change or at least add a parenthesis to the Marvel one.

  2. Again, I still think Sauron has the better chance. If Yugi’s duel disk runs out of batteries in Mordor or wherever in Arda they fight, what’s to stop Sauron from making his head like Oberyn Martell’s face after he fought that brute “The Mountain”?

    1. Sauron would have the edge if no monsters were left, but Duel Discs run on good batteries. It should last long enough to summon his army and attack. Yugi also has his fusion form thanks to the American filler season where he basically turned into a Power Ranger. That will get him some extra durability and speed.

      1. That possibly may be so, but if Sauron should get close to him, Yugi will get burnt to death, just like Elrond’s boss did at the Battle of the Last Alliance (Books only). And if this is Sauron before the Third Age, then what could possibly stop him from resurfacing in disguise as a friendly face and working to corrupt Yugi? I’ll be the first to admit that he has a strong will, but he’s probably made mistakes before.

      2. Yugi’s friendship would likely corrupt Sauron instead of the other way around. The friendship markers were very effective in the series. Yugi’s Slifer The Sky Dragon can keep him at a safe distance while his other powerful monsters blast away at Sauron. Sauron’s durability has never been all that good so he should be doomed.

  3. I still think you’re wrong on Yugi’s friendship-making ability. By the time Sauron commits most of his actions, he’s far too prideful for friends. Yugi would be tempted to write him off. His durability may not entirely be that good, but I still think Yugi has far too much of a dark side to be able to muster all the willpower needed to destroy the Ring. He may be about the height of a Hobbit, but he probably has the flawedness of Man in Middle-Earth, and if Isildur could not do it, Yugi has no chance.

    1. Personally, I agree with you on that. Then again, DReager will probably dismiss the One Ring’s power because most mental-influencing powers get completely ignored for some reason

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