Sauron vs Slab

Suggested by Destroyer Slab has super strength but that’s really all that he has going for him. It’s certainly not enough to do a whole lot against Sauron. Slab will have a hard time even hitting Sauron since the guy is fairly quick and can fly. Ultimately Sauron is going to wear this guy down if he doesn’t just straight up overpower him. Sauron wins.

Sauron vs Hairbag

Suggested by Destroyer Sauron usually appears as more of a strategist than a fighter but he can mix it up when needed. He’s turned giant in the past and has amped up his abilities on several occasions. Hairbag is a member of the Nasty Boys and has some metahuman abilities of his own but none that would put him in the same weight class as Sauron. Sauron is really on a higher level of power and has more agility. Sauron wins.

Rodan vs Sauron

Suggested by Destroyer This is a pretty close one. Both of these fighters aren’t playing games and can land absolutely devastating attacks against each other. That being said, Sauron definitely has the edge here. He can actually channel his energy into energy blasts now and has enough speed to stay one step ahead of Rodan. Rodan is a powerful Kaiju but he has no way way of landing any blows here. Sauron wins.

Sauron (LOTR) vs Sauron

Sauron (LOTR) makes his debut against Sauron! This is a pretty evenly matched fight for the most part, but in the end there can be only 1 victor! Sauron has some fire abilities and he can be a pretty tough fighter, but I think that it won’t be enough to save him. Sauron (LOTR) wins.