Sauron vs Slab

Suggested by Destroyer Slab has super strength but that’s really all that he has going for him. It’s certainly not enough to do a whole lot against Sauron. Slab will have a hard time even hitting Sauron since the guy is fairly quick and can fly. Ultimately Sauron is going to wear this guy down if he doesn’t just straight up overpower him. Sauron wins.

Destoroyah vs Slab

Suggested by Destroyer Slab has some super strength but really that’s about it. Let me tell you, against a kaiju you want more than basic super strength because that’s not going to impress Destoroyah at all. A single swipe of his tail or a powerful flame breath would end the match in an instant. Slab just won’t be able to keep up at all. He’s also not fast enough to dodge the attacks so that’s really game over. Destoroyah wins.

Slab vs Slab (Image)

These guys both rely on physical strength. Slab (Image) looks pretty strong, but then again so is Slab. I go with Slab on this. He was able to pin down (A heavily toned down) Wolverine. That takes skills. Slab (Image) hasn’t done anything noteworthy that I know of. Slab finally gets a win. Slab wins.