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Dawn vs Sonic

Sonic and Dawn
Dawn has some pretty skilled Pokemon at her disposal, but they won’t be enough to take Sonic down for the count. Sonic has the powers of Chaos Control and he’s not the type of opponent to lose. He may take a loss once in a blue moon, but Sonic’s the name and speed’s his game! He definitely takes the win in this round. Sonic wins.

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Dawn vs Misty

Dawn is a skilled pokemon trainer, but she’s not quite as experienced as Misty. Misty is a gym leader and she’s faced many skilled opponents during her career. Not only did she fight Ash Ketchum, but she’s entered in her share of tournaments as well. Dawn’s pokemon are decently tough, but she doesn’t have any heavyweight champs on her side. Misty’s Staryu has always been a pretty lethal weapon, which should help her take the win. Misty wins.

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Dawn vs Tengu Shredder

Tengu Shredder has his physical abilities to try and win the match. Of course while he’s stronger and faster than Dawn, Dawn has pokemon. With these magical creatures Tengu Shredder stands no chance of winning. He’s be outnumbered and outgunned. Dawn comes away with another upset win. Dawn wins.