Adam Taurus vs Grimmjow

Adam Taurus is a very powerful RWBY character who may not appear again, but had a very impressive streak either way. The problem for him here is that Grimmjow is on a completely different level. It’s hard to picture Adam being able to get anywhere near Grimmjow. Grimmjow’s attack range is far greater and his speed is also superior. When you take all of that into consideration Adam’s chances of victory are at pretty much 0. Grimmjow wins.

Dr. Jekyll vs Adam Taurus

This is a tribute to the original Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde film. Jekyll definitely doesn’t have much will power and his physical strength isn’t anything to write home about. Adam definitely has the edge in a fight. He’s faster and significantly stronger than Jekyll. There wouldn’t even be much of a fight and it would be over as soon as Adam gets serious. Jekyll may even have a better shot if he doesn’t go into his Hyde form. Adam Taurus wins.

Carl Bruner vs Adam Taurus

Carl is one of those villains who has a plan, but the instant it starts to fall apart he goes into full panic mode. Adam always has backup options at the ready and doesn’t lose sight of his goal. One of the big differences between these two is that Adam fights for a cause he believes in which gives him extra strength and determination. Carl isn’t quite ready to handle an opponent like this and he will quickly falter under the pressure. He simply isn’t ready to tangle with one of the strongest characters in all of RWBY, especially as Carl has no powers. Adam Taurus wins.

Adam Taurus vs Ironwood

Adam is the best RWBY character and made for an excellent villain with how radical his views were. He started off as a hero and then eventually his obsessions turned him over to the dark side. He’s someone that Ironwood will have to be careful not to become. The two of them certainly would not get along in the slightest as it would be order vs anarchy, but right now Adam would have the clear advantage. He’s still one of the strongest characters in the series and 1 on 1 would not lose to almost anyone. Adam Taurus wins.