Maximo vs Red (Megaman X)

Suggested by Sonic Maximo is a strong swordsman and he’s gone up against all sorts of opponents over the years. That said, he won’t be taking Red down. Red has super speed and a powerful scythe that he can use for various combo moves. Maximo isn’t quick enough to dodge these blows and his armor would ultimately be shattered by their power. It’s why he would not be able to hold out for very long here as Red is just too skilled around the board. Red (Megaman X) wins.

Red (Megaman X) vs Grimmjow

Grimmjow has returned and this is another quick win for him. Grimmjow was one of the strongest Espada in Bleach and I dare say that you could make a case for him being the strongest aside from Ulquiorra thanks to the latter’s second resurrection. his speed and power are absolutely uncanny so Red is really going to have to watch himself here. A single slip and it’s game over, but ultimately he will lose regardless because he has no way to land a hit on Grimmjow. Grimmjow wins.

Red (Megaman X) vs Yoob

Suggested by Anonymous Yoob is one of those characters even most Mario fans probably have not heard of before. The guy has a pretty cool design and you can tell that he means business. That being said, I don’t believe he is quite ready to handle someone like Red. Red has actual combat experience on his side and better physical abilities. He could dash over and beat Yoob in hand to hand combat with ease. Red (Megaman X) wins.