Red (Megaman X) vs Yoob

Suggested by Anonymous Yoob is one of those characters even most Mario fans probably have not heard of before. The guy has a pretty cool design and you can tell that he means business. That being said, I don’t believe he is quite ready to handle someone like Red. Red has actual combat experience on his side and better physical abilities. He could dash over and beat Yoob in hand to hand combat with ease. Red (Megaman X) wins.

Yoob vs Epsilon

Suggested by Anonymous Epsilon is an immensely powerful being who took control of one maverick group. He was able to defend against Megaman’s blast with ease. While Yoob is fairly large and has a lot of raw power, he is completely out of his league in this fight. Epsilon can easily take this guy out of the picture with a single blast. He has the edge in all areas of combat and also has the tactical edge. Epsilon wins.