Hollow Ichigo vs Kyle Rayner

Suggested by Destroyer Kyle Rayner is one of the stronger Green Lanterns out there and has mastered more colors than just about any other. The rings give him a great defense and offense which would give him victor over most fighters. It won’t do much against a fighter of Hollow Ichigo’s caliber though. The difference in speed and power is far too great. When none of your hits can land it doesn’t even matter how much power you have. Hollow Ichigo is just in a league of his own and it’ll show. Hollow Ichigo wins.

2 thoughts on “Hollow Ichigo vs Kyle Rayner

  1. I think this can go two ways:
    #1; knowing the power of Hollows, could we see a new member of the Black Lanterns? Recall how the Black Lanterns had to be put down by all the other corps members, of which Kyle was a member.
    #2; I doubt Hollows can draw upon the galaxy, or span it in terms of members, so Kyle should have a better time than others in facing down Hollows. It would be a great fight.

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