Black Panther vs Windeagle

Black Panther has returned to face off against one of his old foes. The Windeagle may have a gun, but that doesn’t automatically mean that he is an incredible villain to be feared. Black Panther still has the vastly superior hand to hand skills which will help him win this match up with ease. He is faster and stronger than Windeagle so there is little chance for the villain to tip the scales. Windeagle will likely fade from our memories once more. Black Panther wins.


White Wolf vs Black Panther

The White Wolf is one of Black Panther’s more dangerous opponents as he is a threat to Wakanda itself. His hand to hand skills are on point and in a fair fight Black Panther only has a slight edge. Fortunately for T’Challa, he also has a wide array of armors at his disposal which will make it easier for him to take White Wolf’s hits while dishing out lethal ones. Panther has grown stronger with time while the White Wolf has remained relatively stagnant. Black Panther wins.

American Panther vs Black Panther

The American Panther is one of those villains that lost pretty quickly so he never became a big character. Still, he has a cool costume and is a decent hand to hand fighter. He’s certainly not in T’Challa’s league though. In a fair fight this fake panther would stand no chance against the real deal. Black Panther has the better tech and the better skills so it would be very difficult to defeat him. Black Panther wins.

Black Panther vs Killmonger

Killmonger is a villain that I wasn’t really aware of before the movie, but he is certainly a credible villain in the comics. Black Panther has apparently never beaten him in one on one combat in the comics according to the page on Comicvine. He does seem to be superior to Panther in hand to hand combat, but fortunately for T’Challa he does have a lot of armors and tech at his disposal. It’s no surprise that a character with his resources would manage to snag a few upgrades through the years. Killmonger just wouldn’t be able to keep up unless he was at an even playing field. Black Panther wins.

Black Panther vs Man Ape

This is a tribute to Black Panther. Man Ape is one of those villains who is fairly iconic but didn’t really get much better in the modern comics. He used to be a credible threat to Black Panther but has long since been surpassed. While he looked good in the movie, he still isn’t ready to surpass the king. A fitting way for Black Panther to score his first win on the blog! Black Panther wins.

Silver Surfer vs Black Panther

The Black Panther is a skilled hand to hand fighter, but there’s no way that such a hold would work on the Silver Surfer. The difference in strength is way too drastic and we still see that the end result is for the Silver Surfer as you would expect. Taking him down is no simple feat and the Black Panther definitely learned this the hard way! One cosmic bolt ought to finish this. Silver Surfer wins.

Lazerman vs Black Panther

Black Panther is an okay warrior but his skills don’t even touch Lazerman’s. Lazerman is a megaman villain and has the skills to prove it. Black Panther is only marvel. Lazerman wins.

Venom vs Black Panther

Black Panther finally debuts in WORD Press. He is a skilled fighter that many people know. Black Panther has fought with people like Captain America which doesn’t mean much to Venom. Venom wins.