Black Panther vs Killmonger

Killmonger is a villain that I wasn’t really aware of before the movie, but he is certainly a credible villain in the comics. Black Panther has apparently never beaten him in one on one combat in the comics according to the page on Comicvine. He does seem to be superior to Panther in hand to hand combat, but fortunately for T’Challa he does have a lot of armors and tech at his disposal. It’s no surprise that a character with his resources would manage to snag a few upgrades through the years. Killmonger just wouldn’t be able to keep up unless he was at an even playing field. Black Panther wins.


8 thoughts on “Black Panther vs Killmonger

    • It’s hard to say because I really don’t know too much about Panther aside from his days as an Avenger. I’m thinking it would be between him and Man Ape. I definitely know Man Ape a lot more than Killmonger, but the latter is more of a threat. It seems like he has appeared quite a lot in the comics from what I’ve read so he definitely might fit the bill

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