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Drax The Destroyer vs Captain Marvel

This is definitely a tricky match. I do think that Captain Marvel is one of the stronger fighters in the Marvel Universe and he can match all of Drax’s abilities. That basically means that it will be down to can out muscle the other guy. Either physically or with their energy blasts. I think I’m leaning towards Captain Marvel here thanks to his speed, but it’s definitely a very close bout. Captain Marvel wins.

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Captain Marvel vs Ramrod

Ramrod may be pretty powerful in terms of physical strength, but that won’t be enough to stop Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel can fly and I would still go for him if this was a boxing match. He’s no pushover in the power department either and his durability is much greater. Ramrod is just outmatched and he drops down the blog ranks with this loss. Captain Marvel wins.

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Captain Marvel vs Captain America

Captain Marvel is pretty tough and I’d say that he wins this round easy enough. Captain America is a tough guy when he wants to be, and he can really throw that shield around. Still…it may not be enough to take on the mighty Captain Marvel! Captain Marvel wins.

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Captain Marvel vs Thor

Captain Marvel is an extremely powerful fighter and is a lot stronger than one would suspect! His energy blasts are intense and his speed is good as well. Thor has his incredibly powerful hammer, but I fear that it won’t be enough to win this time. Thor takes a loss. Captain Marvel wins.

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Ocean Master vs Captain Marvel

Ocean Master is a pretty calm and collected character! Of course he lacks the power and speed that Captain Marvel has! Captain Marvel can do some pretty massive damage with just a single punch! Not too mention that his speed would be far too much for Ocean Master. Captain Marvel wins.